Anne Chenoweth,

Anne on the Mountain

How does a young woman born in New Orleans, Louisiana, grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, end up in the beautiful community of Sewanee nestled in the mountains on the top of the Cumberland plateau in Tennessee?

Well, the story goes like this…

I was lucky to have both Creole and adopted Cajun roots which gave me an early appreciation for people, diversity, art, cultures and spirituality. In my freshman year of high school, at summer camp, while canoeing down the Green River in North Carolina my college-aged counselor said “If you love being at 'camp', then you need to attend college at the University of the South in Tennessee - it’s just like being at a year-round camp!”

A few short years later, I did just that and began my first year at Sewanee. When not in class, you could find me canoeing with the college canoe team, rock climbing with the Mountain Rescue team and hiking the 13,000 acres of the Domain. I found “camp” + college + community and myself during this mountaintop experience. I knew even when I graduated and moved away, that Sewanee would stay with me forever.

During my years in college, I majored in Art and minored in Italian Studies which allowed me the courage to further my education by living in Florence, Italy; then on to Kimberley and Cape Town, South Africa, where I taught theological education for Lay people. My time abroad was unbelievably incredible, highlighted by my good fortune to work with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his Foundation.  I returned home inspired and committed to service. I continued on with this calling by devoting my energies to development and fundraising in cities such as, Atlanta, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. I thrived in each place by becoming involved with the people in the community, culture and art. My connections and relationships were filled with purpose and joy.

As it turned out, thirty-five years passed before I was able to return to the Mountain and Sewanee that held my heart. This time I came with my three children: Jesse-Katharine, Anna-Grace and Josh. As fate would have it, I became a Trustee at the University. I, then, was fortunate to work full time in the Institutional Advancement at the College and the School of Theology and later as Director of Admissions at St. Andrew’s - Sewanee School.  

Each position I held gave me a deeper appreciation of the uniqueness of this particular place, and it is that appreciation that led me to transition into a career in real estate in 2019. My calling has always been one of service and now I am using the vehicle of real estate and my license as a REALTOR® to continue this service by helping many of the faculty, employees, supporters and friends from the Sewanee community and beyond to sell or find their Sewanee home, while protecting the gift we share by being here. 

Let me introduce you to life on the Cumberland plateau…

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Office Location: 2206 21st Ave S Nashville, Tennessee, 37212

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