Dan Cooke, REALTOR ®

Your Nashville Native


Dan has been meeting the needs of people for 20 years. As a Nashville native, he knows the town inside and out. He prides himself in being an attentive listener, taking the time to really learn what his clients want and need. Skilled in communication and negotiation, Dan knows how to successfully walk you through your real estate experience from beginning to end.


Gayle Crowe- Franklin, TN
I have known Dan Cooke for almost 20 years. His faithfulness in following through with commitments is 100%. His memory is amazing, as I have often sat through presentations of his for 45 minutes and have never seen him refer to any notes. As he guides people through homes--and through the resulting paperwork--they will never fear that he is dropping important details. His personality is so compelling that once people meet him, they will be drawn to him through the whole process.

Eric Brown - Wheaton, IL
Dan is exceptional. I've known him professionally for over 20 years and he is a man of integrity, a hard worker, and brilliant. Dan is a person you can trust, he is highly conscientious and seeks to deliver in everything that he does. You won't regret working with Dan!

Dwayne Hilty - Salem, OR
Absolutely love working with Dan! I put a high premium on trust, integrity, and respect...all qualities that Dan lives his life with. Dan also has a phenomenal balance between being highly personable and highly professional which gives him a unique ability to understand his clients and provide them with the highest quality of care. I would highly recommend that you made Dan Cooke your first phone call if you're looking for a highly reliable real estate agent.

George Goldman - Franklin, TN
Dan is an excellent listener and makes serving others a priority in all areas of his life. He is a hard worker who genuinely cares. His character is impeccable, and Dan is someone you can trust. On top of that, he is also fun and makes things easy with low stress. Highly recommended!

Agent License #: 358094
Office Location: 138 3rd Ave. North Franklin, Tennessee, 37201
Office Phone Number: (615) 790-3400


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