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Lanse Whitcomb is a licensed Realtor® with Parks in Nashville, Tennessee.  He has a passion for serving clients by creating value and wealth through real estate.  Whether buying or selling real estate for personal or for investment reasons, Lanse will bring the necessary personal attention and business acumen to help you accomplish your goals.   With over 25 years experience in Management & Systems Consulting, he is uniquely qualified to serve clients and to facilitate positive outcomes.  When seeking a trusted agent with your largest personal investments, you want to partner with someone who has the business experience and credentials to help achieve your objectives.  As an experienced real estate investor himself, Lanse uses his extensive knowledge of the local markets to identify properties that meet investment grade criteria.  He also helps clients to deploy creative funding techniques such as 1031 exchange, self-directed IRA’s and “subject-to” contracts that get deals done with desirable terms. 

Lanse uses the same approach with real estate transactions that he used for many years as a Consultant to Fortune 500 companies.  Everything starts with a needs assessment, so that all parties are clear on the objectives.  Once those are understood, Lanse works with clients to implement a strategy to achieve the desired results.  Lanse employs his experience in contract negotiation to get deal terms that meet the client’s goals - think “win-win” scenarios.  He uses his project management expertise to keep deals on track, and to communicate issues and risks in a timely manner in order to maximize success.   Real estate transactions can be complex; Lanse is an accomplished problem solver who can help clients to accomplish their goals.

Lanse has an MBA from Santa Clara University, and earned his CPA license in 1992.  He consulted to clients through Price Waterhouse, North Highland, and as an independent contractor.  He lives in Nashville with his wife Alexis, who is also a Realtor® and collaborates with Lanse frequently.  Together, they have five children. 

Office Location: 2206 21st Ave South Nashville, Tennessee, 37212

Client Testimonials

Helped me buy a home
Lanse was instrumental in helping us to purchase a single family residential investment property in Nashville in March, 2023. He helped us to understand the specific costs asso... Lanse was instrumental in helping us to purchase a single family residential investment property in Nashville in March, 2023. He helped us to understand the specific costs associated with managing a rental property over time, and only identified properties that would produce positive cash flows based on local rental rates AND had good potential for appreciation. When we viewed prospective properties, he helped us to identify the repair and improvement costs needed to make each property rentable. Once we identified a target property, he helped us to make the needed repairs and improvements by identifying sub-contractors in their network. Lanse then went the extra mile and facilitated the identification of renters and ultimately the execution of the rental contract. He took all the guess-work out of a fairly complex process, and provided us a “turn-key” investment that is now working for us. We trust Lanse to handle our investment property transactions because he IS an investor in this market, and is able to convey his experience and expertise for our benefit. Read More

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