Shannon Slack, Realtor®
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Shannon is a real estate professional with a heart for serving others and a passion for connecting people. She firmly believes that her abilities are a gift from above and she utilizes them to provide exceptional assistance and representation to her clients. For Shannon, being a real estate professional is not just a career but an opportunity to blend her passions in a way that brings personalized attention to her valued clients.

As a native Floridian, Shannon's love for the Florida sun and sand is evident, but she also holds deep-rooted connections in Tennessee, where she has cherished family and friends for many years. This unique blend of backgrounds allows her to understand and appreciate the diverse needs and desires of her clientele, whether they seek the warmth of the Florida coastline or the charm of Tennessee living.

Shannon's journey to real estate has been enriched by her past experiences as an entrepeneur. Having created and owned her own successful business in Texas, she knows what it takes to navigate challenges, negotiate deals and deliver exceptional results. Additionally, her years of direct-marketing sales have honed her communication skills, making her a proficient advocate for her clients throughout the buying or selling process of a home.

If you're searching for a real estate professional who will be by your side every step of the way, advocating for your best interests with unparalled enthusiasm, Shannon is the perfect choice. With her, you'll not only find a dedicated agent but also a friend who truly cares about your dreams and aspirations.





Agent License #: 355487
Office Location: 106 E Main St Franklin, Tennessee, 37064
Office Phone Number: 615-790-7400 EXT 3046

Client Testimonials

Helped me buy a home
Shannon is an amazing Realtor. She's a great person not just a great Realtor.
Helped me buy a home
Shannon is an outstanding agent! Attentive, detail oriented, knowledgeable and 100% reliable. She went above and beyond for us. I will never buy another house without her!


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