3 “Snowed-In” Projects to Complete This Winter

Middle Tennessee has had a calm and beautiful winter, haven’t we?


Of course, we haven’t!


Last week, our entire region of Tennessee was pummeled by ice, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Schools closed for the week. Businesses shut down or closed early. Events were cancelled or postponed. For a week, our entire region was stuck inside, catching cabin fever.


Maybe next winter, you’ll have time to plant a winter garden or redecorate your patio. In the mean time, thaw out and try these interior projects in your Middle Tennessee home.

Add Wall Decals To Your Rooms

If you’re not a fan of painting or wallpaper, wall decals are your ideal decoration alternative. You can find wall decals of…

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Find Your New Home in Nashville, Tennessee

In the heart of Middle Tennessee, you’ll find good old’ Nashville, Tennessee, also known as Music City. This historic and captivating city is home to over 1,700,000 residents and continues to grow. There’s so much to see and do in this exciting metro area, and of course, many homes to be purchased!


Consider moving to Nashville, Tennessee with your family and enjoying all that the area has to offer.


Something For the Kids

Whether your kids love outdoor entertainment, learning or sports, Nashville has something for every child in your family.


For the animal lover in your family, be sure to visit the beautiful and lively Nashville Zoo! As their website states, this is the place in Nashville…

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Why Did We Rebrand?

Have you heard the news? Bob Parks Realty has welcomed a new CEO and has rebranded to Parks.


Over the past 40 years, the Middle Tennessee community has come to know our yellow and red logo, our devoted real estate agents, and our company. However, a lot has changed in just four short decades — from vast technological improvements to the needs of our real estate customers. With this in mind, we decided that we were ready to embrace change and developed a new company brand.

Introducing Parks

While we’ve traded in our yellow and red for navy and white, simplified our name to Parks, and ushered in Christie Wilson as our new CEO, we are confident that our new brand will assist our team in becoming the cornerstone of real…

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4 Home Maintenance Tips for the Month of February

The Groundhog has made his decision, and it looks like once again we’ll be facing several more weeks of winter. But that’s okay; it gives you more time to get prepared for spring cleaning and whatever else 2015 has in store for you and your family. While you’re waiting for warmer weather, be sure to use this home maintenance tips during the chilly month of February.

Start Organizing Your Home for Spring Cleaning

Depending on how messy your home currently is, spring cleaning may be a hassle for you. Instead of dreading your spring-cleaning activities, use the month of February to get prepared. Organizing all of your cleaning supplies and drafting a cleaning schedule prior to spring will help you…

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