4 Crucial July Home Maintenance Tasks You Can’t Forget About

July is a month for celebration. From remembering our country’s day of independence to spending time in the summer sun at a family picnic, there’s so much to do in July. While it’s great to celebrate all month long, remember to take time out of your schedule to tend to your home.


A home requires constant maintenance in order to retain its overall value and aesthetic appearance. Should you forget to preserve your home via simple chores, you’ll find yourself in quite the predicament when your house is messy, broken, and in need of extreme repairs.


Instead of worrying about the integrity of your home, just make sure you take care of these easy home maintenance tasks in July!


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Bringing Home Baby: A Guide to Babyproofing Your Home

Use these tips to babyproof your home for your newborn child.

Bringing home your bundle of joy is an exciting time in any parent’s life. However, did you remember to get your home ready for your new daughter or son? Babyproofing is a crucial part of raising a child. Remember, your baby’s safety and wellbeing is your top priority as a parent. Use these babyproofing tips in your Middle Tennessee home.


Repair All Hazards Prior to Bringing Baby Home

Before your bundle of joy is brought into the world, you should take time to identify and repair any hazards located around your home. This includes molds, water leaks, broken appliances/areas of the house, and anything that can pose a significant threat to an infant’s development and quality of life.


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What Do You Need in Your Middle Tennessee Home?

Your home is your legacy. It can live on for generations if you so choose. When purchasing a new home, it’s imperative to ensure that your intended house has everything your desire — or, has the ability to eventually include those desires.


Each homeowner will have his or her own desires. Some may want a luxury patio while others simply want a quaint kitchen and a living room. The needs and desire will vary from family to family! Check out these six common home necessities.

1) Ample Storage Space

For growing families, storage space is key. As your family grows, joins new activities, goes on new adventures together, and takes on all of life’s challenges, you’ll need a place to store everything…

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5 Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Forget About in June


June is well underway. Have you gotten started on these crucial home maintenance tasks? If not, make time to complete them as soon as possible!

Clean and Seal Your Deck

In the summertime, you spend a lot of time on your outdoor deck or patio. Go outside and take a good look at your deck — is it a bit dirty from the wear and tear of the previous seasons? Now is the time to clean up your deck and seal it once again.


Be sure that all of the deck furniture and decorations have been moved, and you have properly swept your entire deck. Should you choose to use a specific type of cleaner, be sure to scrub those difficult areas using cleaner and a broom. Once you’re done using cleaner, rinse…

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10 Rainy Day Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

You know how unpredictable the weather in Middle Tennessee can be. One minute it’s absolutely gorgeous outside, and the next it’s a torrential thunderstorm. Since school is over, the kids need something to do and keep them occupied! What do you do if they cannot go outside and you’re not a fan of letting them play video games or watch TV all day? The answer: one of these awesome rainy day activities!


1) Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This activity takes a bit of preparation to accomplish, but with just the right amount of effort you’ll have your children entertained for hours! Use prizes like:

  • Stickers
  • Candy
  • Gold Coins
  • Trinkets
  • Movie Tickets
  • Their Favorite Snack


Make sure the clues…

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