Negotiating Tips to Get the Right Price on Your Dream Home

Negotiating Tips to Get the Right Price on Your Dream Home

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or your fifth home, you instinctively want to get the most for your money. In order to make sure that the house of your dreams comes with the right price tag, it’s important to go into the negotiation process well-informed.


Of course, the price of every home is at least somewhat negotiable, but what really matters is your negotiation style and plan of attack. By incorporating the following strategies into your home search, you’ll have a much better chance of landing the perfect deal.


Enter the home search process financially prepared. In other words, know your finances inside and out before you even think about calling a real…

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Your Mortgage Checklist


Buying a home is one of the most notable milestones in anyone’s life. It’s especially significant if it’s your first home! Naturally, making the decision to purchase a property is a huge investment of  your money and your emotions. Because of that, it is crucial that you know precisely what you’re getting into before signing on the dotted line.


What You’ll Need to Provide When Applying for a Mortgage:

• Personal information, such as your full name, birthdate, social security number and address
• Proof of your current income (pay stubs, bank statements, job contract)
• Job history, federal tax returns and federal W-2 forms for the past two years
• Social Security benefit information (if applicable)

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Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Romantic Restaurants to Sweep You Off Your Feet in Nashville



As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, many couples are looking for the perfect romantic restaurant in the Nashville area. Spending a special evening with your Valentine can be a perfect way to celebrate each other and the love you share.


Since there are a virtual plethora of restaurants and food establishments in and around Nashville, TN, we decided to narrow down your prospects to make the process easier on you. We’ve taken into consideration patron reviews, critic reviews, and the overall ambiance and atmosphere in making our top five Valentine-worthy restaurant list:


Park Café 

This trendy restaurant is quite small, but the ambiance and…

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How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

How To Prepare for a Home Renovation

Getting ready for a home renovation can be very exciting. You have probably been looking forward to fixing problems and/or giving your abode a new style or look. Many people wait years to be able to afford the home improvements needed to make their house truly feel like home.


Along with the thrill of the end result comes the drudgery of making it through the day to day processes involved in home repair. Your daily routine will undoubtedly be interrupted, household items may be hard to find, and there is likely to be a fair amount of saw dust and paint fumes in the air.


In order to survive the duration of your home renovation, there are some things you can do to make the entire process tolerable for…

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