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We are so excited for the Big Payback! It’s coming up on May 2nd so we want to make sure everyone is as prepared and excited as we are! There are hundreds of wonderful non-profits participating in this event. We hope you do your research and choose causes to support. Donation links will be added to each organizations page the day of the Big Payback for you to be able to participate! If you are looking for some ideas, we would love to share organizations that are near and dear to the Parks’ Family!

1. Nashville Humane Association

The Humane Society is a well-known, well-respected, and established non-profit in our area that does wonderful work protecting and saving our furry friends! Their Community Foundation profile gives amazing amounts of

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Homeowners carry expense burdens that renters are able to avoid. Home repairs, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes are the heavy hitters, often consuming so much of their income that homeowners find themselves less able to purchase the goods and services they desire, not to mention luxury items and vacations.

Tax filing, while never enjoyable or exciting, is a key opportunity for homeowners to recoup a portion of the money they’ve had to put into their home by taking full advantage of the deductions and credits that exist to assist them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at just a few of the tax breaks that any homeowner should consider.

One note before we get started: these homeowner deductions are all itemized. That means you won’t be

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Though it is less than one square mile in area, Berry Hill has a big personality. Here you’ll find tree-lined streets dotted with quaint cottages, small parks with playgrounds, and one of a kind shops and restaurants. Murals cover the fences and brick walls of some of the businesses, giving the neighborhood a unique creative atmosphere.

Berry Hill Nashville Community Real Estate Parks RealtyEclectic stores fill former homes from the 1940’s and are separated by well-known restaurants such as Monell’s and the Pfunky Griddle. The once industrial area is now thriving with recording studios, music publishers, and one of a kind businesses, growing the under 1,000-resident city to nearly 7,000 during business hours.

In the evenings, you’ll find locals playing trivia at M.L. Rose,

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This home was built in 1937 but you would never know it once you step inside – it is the perfect mix of old and new. Southern and traditional from the outside but bright and contemporary on the inside. Ray Booth of McAlpine designed the kitchen and master is the gorgeous masterpiece you see below! Plus, a to-die-for pool and terrace with immaculately landscaped grounds? Luxury has never looked better!

Located just minutes from Downtown Nashville, Belle Meade is home to grand historic landmarks such as the Belle Meade Plantation, Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art and Belle Meade Country Club. This area contains rolling hills, elegant horse stables, stately homes and rich history. This upscale neighborhood offers luxurious shopping

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During the month of April, we want to take a pause and focus our attention on our local area and the amazing philanthropies that work in Middle Tennessee. We are so proud of these organizations that dedicate their time selflessly to improving the lives of others.

All throughout this month, we want to be gearing up and planning for a very special day, May 2nd. On this day, our community comes together to participate in what is known as The Big Payback.


What is the Big Payback?
We are so glad you asked! The Big Payback is 24 hours of online giving to local charities! There’s a whole database of participating philanthropies that can be sorted by their size, mission, and needs.

The Community Foundation, which serves as a digital resource center and

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