Parks is proud to highlight one of our outstanding agents from our Brentwood office, Scott Klein! With only one year of experience in the industry, Scott has had an incredibly fast start to his real estate career and is closing in on nearly 30 homes sold so far.

Scott attended Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, and earned an associate’s degree in Business and Finance. Post-college, he spent six years working in the construction industry where he did everything from painting to electrical and carpentry. After his time in construction, Scott moved into an administrative role for big tobacco and worked hand-in-hand with the Food and Drug Administration for 12 years. During his time in the tobacco industry, he worked in many cities and played a small role in the “Deeming Rule” legislation wherein the government is deciding the future of tobacco.

With his mother being a real estate agent, Scott grew up watching her navigate the industry and had always been interested in following in her footsteps. He remembers her dressing up, going to her showings, and always coming back with the most interesting stories. To this day, Scott still has a faux contract he filled out when he was 6 years old and trying to help his mother sell a home.

When asked why he chose to join the Parks Family of REALTORS®, Scott stated, “I chose Parks because of the awesome camaraderie I saw on a day-to-day basis. My fiancé, Meaghan Hudson, started with Parks about two years before I did, so I had the good fortune of seeing her interactions for two full years prior to getting into the business.” He continued, “When I decided to get into real estate, it was an easy choice. I knew I wouldn't even have to interview anywhere else; I knew where I belonged.”

If Scott could give one tip to new agents stepping into the industry, it would be to work, work, work. For most, being a new agent is likely your first step into being an entrepreneur and that can be an awesome, yet daunting, experience. “Teaching yourself to be self-motivated, and actually keep your butt in the seat and working, is a monumental task. If you can just as easily sleep in, take the day off, or disengage entirely, it can be very hard to keep yourself moving and working,” Scott stated. In the current climate, it can be hard to stay motivated if you are spinning your wheels, but that’s exactly what it takes. Noting his work ethic as what has pushed him toward his goals, Scott reflects back on his favorite phrase for entrepreneurs: “Staying busy and doing great business is like a good habit; you need to work hard to develop it.”

Aside from real estate, Scott is also a world-class woodcarver and has written many pieces for tobacco business journals, as well as craftsman publications. Some of his other hobbies include cooking, woodworking, and school. Scott is ever the student and always soaking in new knowledge!

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