If you’re fortunate, your home has one more bedroom than your family requires. While creating a guest bedroom is the traditional move, we've gathered our favorite alternative ideas for your spare bedroom to share with you. We find that the happiest homeowners are those who use their homes to meet their needs rather than opting to conform to standard expectations, so as you read through our list, follow your heart to find your bliss!

Keep scrolling for 11 ideas that can be used either in tandem with a guest space or in lieu of one.

1.) Experiment With Bold Color

If you do decide to use your spare bedroom to accommodate your houseguests, consider painting the walls a bold color you adore. While you might not want your own bedroom to be awash in forest green, for example, having it peeking out from the guest room might be just the right dose to make your days a little bit brighter.

2.) Create a Secluded Workspace

Many of us have worked from home more in the past 18 months than we ever dreamed we would. If you’ve found yourself struggling to find a quiet place to focus on your tasks or meet remotely with your co-workers or clients, you aren’t alone.

If you are continuing to work from home, you owe yourself a secluded office that makes your workday easier. Your guests will always be able to stay in a nearby hotel, but your day-to-day lifestyle will be incomplete if you’re forced to work at your kitchen table.

3.) Set Up Your Dream Library

Have you always swooned at the idea of a dedicated home library space? If so, consider installing wall-to-wall bookcases, comfy armchairs, and soft lighting in your spare room. You may find that a daily half-hour reset within the cozy confines of your library becomes the highlight of each day.

4.) Home Gyms—No Longer Just for Garages

Twenty years ago, home gyms were often created in the garage by default. Today, though, having your home gym in a convenient and comfortable room is far more common. If you crave space to do yoga, Pilates, spinning, or treadmill runs, your spare room may be ideal. 

The more appealing you make your workout room, the more likely you are to stick with your fitness goals, so don’t hold back; swap carpet for hardwood or luxury vinyl plank, hang a massive mirror, bring in a fan, and set up a flatscreen tv to either keep you entertained or allow you to follow a remote workout plan.

5.) Crafting Central

If your hobby is crafting, we don’t have to tell you about the crafting clutter such endeavors are likely to bring. Ideally, your spare room will become a well-organized crafting space that allows your creativity to flourish, but you know what? Even if it doesn’t, it’s going to feel great to be able to close the door on your miscellaneous crafting accessories and enjoy the rest of your tidy home! 

6.) Expand Your Home’s Storage

If there’s one thing most Americans wish their homes had more of, it’s storage! Consider adding a large dresser, armoire, captain’s bed, or floor-to-ceiling closet shelving within your spare room. Choosing items like these will expand your storage space without sacrificing other uses for the room. 

7.) Design a Luxe Dressing Room

If your bedroom closet doesn’t live up to your dreams, consider turning your spare room into a boutique dressing room. Set up a brightly lit makeup vanity, plush armchair, full-length mirrors, shoe shelving, clothing racks, some luxurious lamps, and your dressing room awaits.

8.) Organize Toys in a Designated Playroom

For parents of young children, having a designated playroom can be a saving grace. If your home’s aesthetic is more nursery school than you’d like, turning your spare room into a playroom may allow you to confine the chaos and reclaim some adult space for yourself.

You may find your home better suited to both your work productivity and relaxation time when your children have a fun space to play without all of their toys spilling into the rest of the house.

9.) Create a Recording Studio

Whether you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, or musician, your spare room can become your recording studio. You may begin with your standard equipment setup, but ultimately it may be worth it to invest in soundproofing, professional-quality lighting, and expanded electrical capabilities.

10.) Pull Out the Stops for Your Home Cinema

If you missed movie theaters more than anything during quarantine, your heart may be telling you to create your own home cinema. While pricey, if you’ve got a spacious spare room, nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in plush recliners in front of a massive flat-screen or projector screen with a rumbling surround sound system, a bucket of popcorn, and your favorite movies.

Additionally, if you or your children love console video games, your home cinema can double as a gaming room!

11.) Enhance Your Mental Health With a Zen Zone

Is it your dream to have a quiet space in which to sit and reclaim some inner peace? If so, a meditation room may be perfect for you. All you need is a comfortable cushion, soothing sounds, and perhaps a wall hanging of your choosing, and your Zen space will be set up for meditation and relaxation.

As you can see, there’s no wrong way to use your spare room. Let your dreams, goals, and creativity guide you to the perfect setup!

If you’re in search of the perfect home with a spare room, we encourage you to reach out to a Parks agent. Whether you’re in the market for a central Nashville home, or one elsewhere throughout Middle Tennessee, no real estate agents know the region like those you’ll find here at Parks. 

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