After the flurry of activity surrounding the purchase of a home, the long and luxurious process of making it one’s own may be the best way there is for a new homeowner to unwind. Today, we’re highlighting ten of the best ways to personalize your home!

No matter your budget, DIY skill level, or artistic ability, we hope these tips will guide and inspire you to have fun while you accomplish beautiful flourishes of self-expression throughout your home.


1.) Re-Make an Entrance

The entrance to your home is your first opportunity to set your home apart. A brightly-painted door, a quirky statue, a hand-shaped walkway, or bold landscaping: are any of these common approaches right for your new home?

If you’re moving into a home that has a Home Owner’s Association, be sure to check the bylaws: many HOAs have strict rules regarding home exteriors within their administration.


2.) Bring Your Experiences to the Forefront

One of the best ways to instantly shift your home from generic to personal is to represent your life experiences visually. Often, homeowners display photos or collage displays, handmade or meaningful art, refined selections from their collections, instruments, coffee table books, or travel memorabilia as a meaningful expression of their interests.

Whatever you choose, you only need to make sure that you enjoy the items from both an aesthetic and a personal perspective.


3.) Go Green

Vertical plant walls, chandelier-like, hanging plants, and large and leafy potted trees are reliably perfect for adding huge splashes of unique color and texture to nearly any room in your home. Once you’ve set your budget and tracked the lighting patterns in the spaces you plan to fill, visit a local plant nursery for suggestions that will suit your space perfectly. 


4.) Synchronized. Smart. Secure.

It’s easier than ever to upgrade even old homes so that they function like space-age marvels. Even basic smart home systems can operate lights and locks, regulate temperature, coordinate with security systems, and sync with your smart devices both within and on the exterior of your home. If you want to maximize your sense of connectedness and security, a smart home system is hard to beat.


5.) Repurpose to Add Interest

If you’re settling in to your first home, you likely don’t have a huge budget set aside to purchase all-new furnishings right away. However, by repurposing and upcycling, you can use free or inexpensive cast-off items to express yourself without piling on debt.

An antique birdcage hung in your bathroom could hold your SPF and cleanser, a wooden library ladder painted and hung horizontally could be a quirky clothing valet, and vintage cabinet knobs could be mounted on reclaimed wood to serve as sparkling necklace holders.


6.) Make Your Bathroom an Experience

While there’s nothing wrong with a neutral bathroom, the soothing spa look isn’t right for everyone. Striking artwork, photography, lush textiles, and unique fixtures are all great strategies to make sure your bathroom makes an impression. Even if you’re decorating a bathroom intended for guest use, there’s no need to feel restricted to beige, beach themes, or innocuous shades of blue. 


7.) Plan to Entertain in Style

When you picture yourself entertaining in your new space, where are you? Gathered in the kitchen, cooking with family and/or friends while you drink wine and catch up on life? Seated around an outdoor pool while you serve fresh-grilled steaks? Perhaps you envision yourself hanging out in the living room with your feet up while you catch the game.

Wherever you plan to entertain, make it a point to give your home’s social spaces an expression of your individuality. You can also design these spaces so that they demonstrate your love for your friends and family, since you’ll be spending time with them there. The zones in your home that foster connection will repay your efforts tenfold with warm memories in the many years to come.


8.) It’s All in the Details

As you look around your new home, keep in mind that every doorknob, drawer pull, switch plate cover, lighting fixture, and faucet handle is an opportunity for you to express your personal sense of style. Naturally, it may not be in your budget to update every fixture right away, but consider creating a savings category specifically for these little flourishes. Over time, every refinement you make will add to the custom feel of your new home’s personalized interior.


9.) Customize with Molding

Elaborately carved molding is beautiful, and it has its place—but you don’t have to choose fancy crown molding to make a big visual impact. Once painted and put into place, even very simple molding can add tremendous depth and interest to any space. Windows, doors, cabinetry, baseboards—even around murals and decals—there's almost no room that cannot be improved by the strategic use of molding strips.


10.) Install Custom Closets

No longer just for the rich and famous, custom closets are definitely in-demand - even among first-time homeowners. While it’s possible that your home may have the space to replicate a boutique shopping experience just for you, it’s more likely that you’re frustrated by a lack of storage space and organization. Believe it or not, a customized closet system can make all the difference when it comes to staying sane in a small space.

Ultimately, you may decide to install a system on your own, but many custom closet companies offer free consultations, so there’s no harm in talking to the pros.


As you customize your home, we hope your enjoyment and pride in your purchase continues to grow!

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