If you’re seizing the moment this year by purchasing a home in Middle Tennessee, you’ll have dozens of beautiful areas to choose from. The first step toward narrowing down your dream neighborhood is determining whether the city or the suburbs are right for you. Today, we’re examining the pros and cons of life in both the city and the suburbs. 

Depending on what you prioritize at this stage of your life, you will likely feel strongly drawn toward one way of life or the other. Whichever you choose, remember that properties tend to increase in value over time, so if you decide to pack up and move into—or out of—the city, contact Parks Realty for assistance making the leap ASAP!

Pros of Living in the City

1.) Reduced Commute Time

Let’s face it: commuting into and out of the city at rush hour is miserable. By settling down in the city, you’ll likely save 1 to 2.5 hours of commuting per week. This translates to more free time, a smaller carbon footprint, and reduced wear and tear on your vehicle.  

2.) Abundant Job Opportunities

Thanks to the density of businesses in the city, job opportunities are abundant. Whether you’re a chef, taxi driver, actor, musician, or engineer, you’ll likely find the city is a great place to jump-start your career.

3.) Entertainment, Dining, and Socializing Options

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you may find that the bars, restaurants, museums, and shopping in the city are far more varied than they are in the suburbs. If you’d rather get off work on Friday and head straight out to start your weekend in style, the city lifestyle is calling!

Cons of Living in the City

1.) Increased Cost of Living 

Housing, groceries, vehicle insurance and registration, and utilities are all usually more expensive in a larger city. In order to decide whether this price jump is worth it to you, you’ll have to carefully weigh the financial investment against the lifestyle the city affords.

2.) Crowding

If you feel drained by being close to large crowds of people, the heart of the city is not for you. Day-to-day population density will be high to begin with, but during concerts, sporting events, and festivals, the city will be truly packed. 

The very amenities you’re paying a premium to live nearby may be too crowded for you to enjoy if you’re crowd-averse. In this case, heading into the city occasionally may give you access to entertainment while giving you the space you need to recharge afterward. 

3.) Increased Crime and Environmental Hazards

While it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, large cities tend to have higher crime rates than sleepy suburbs. Additionally, cities harbor hazards like speeding commuters and pollution, and avoiding them will mean paying a premium for real estate in a quieter part of the city.

Pros of Life in the Suburbs

1.) Space for a Yard

If your dog, your children, or your garden needs room to stretch out and be free, the classic sprawling suburban backyard may be all the enticement you need to avoid city living. Perfect for summer entertainment and family bonding year-round, large yards continue to be part of the American dream for many of us.

2.) Lower Cost of Living

No doubt about it, the suburbs are going to allow you to purchase a larger home for less money. If you’re a homebody who would rather enjoy a serene, expansive home interior over a bustling city bar come the weekend, skip the cost of the city and choose a suburb you’ll love to call home.

3.) Quieter Surroundings

Aside from the sound of children playing, dogs barking, and the odd leaf blower, you’ll likely find that the suburbs are a quiet shelter from the noise of the city. If you visit the heart of the city, you’ll know within hours whether the sirens, car horns, and other various city sounds will drive you out of the city limits and into suburbia.

4.) Better Private Funding for Schools

Generally, suburban families are willing and able to provide supplemental funding to public schools. The results are beneficial for the whole student body, so if you’ve got school-aged children, the suburbs score another point here.

Cons of Suburban Life

1.) Fewer Entertainment Options

While many smaller towns and suburbs in middle Tennessee are rightly proud to boast several delicious restaurants, beautiful parks, as well as some community events per month, these options still can’t compare to the vast entertainment venues boasted by the city. 

If you’re someone who gets bored quickly or tires of quiet routines, avoid the placid suburbs and stick with the bustling energy of Nashville or Franklin.

2.) Fewer Nearby Job Opportunities

Unless you own a business, work from home, are a health care worker, or plan to work in a service industry, it can be difficult to find robust careers in the suburbs. 

3.) Car Ownership is a Must

Due in part to the distance between destinations and in part to the necessity of a long commute, car ownership will be a must in any suburb. While many Nashville residents do still own their own vehicles, virtually all suburban dwellers have no choice but to drive.

We hope this guide was helpful for you as you mull over the best location for your middle Tennessee home purchase! Please contact us for assistance in locating properties and advice on the hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods. Parks always has the inside scoop on the most exciting properties in your target locations, whether they’re in the heart of the city or one of our area’s desirable suburbs.

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