When selling your home, time is of the essence. You don’t want it languishing on the market. One of the smartest ways to get your house ready for a quick sale is updating your home’s front exterior to maximize its curb appeal. Take your home from drab to fab with these savvy suggestions we’ve curated to fit a variety of budgets.

Budget-Friendly Ideas with Big-Impact results

  1. Upgrade the Hardware

If your home is still sporting fixtures in contractor brass, it’s imperative that you ditch those gleaming eyesores. Choose a finish that fits your home; brushed nickel is ideal for modern homes, while an oil-rubbed bronze finish is more suited to classic architecture. Even more budget-friendly: you can choose to spray paint fixtures with a sturdy, outdoor spray paint. Research the paint options that would be right for you, and don’t skip priming or sealing if you want this look to last.

  1. Replace the Mailbox

A tired, dingy mailbox can really put a damper on an otherwise adorable front yard. If giving your mailbox a good scrub doesn’t quite transform it, spend a little money and choose a new one that truly suits your home. Options range from formal to sporty, and are available at a range of prices, with some perfectly nice types costing as little as $20.

  1. Update the Shutters

If your shutters are dirty and peeling, your home will look unkempt and uninviting. Solve this problem by either scrubbing, stripping and painting what you’ve got, or take advantage of the versatility of the traditional board-and-batten look. Board-and-batten shutters can be nailed and glued together for just a few dollars a set, saving you hundreds over big-box options. They can be stained or painted to either match your home, or to provide a pop of exciting color. (Pro tip: hang these cute shutters on hooks so that they can be easily removed for cleaning and painting. This practical approach will appeal to buyers, who will be thinking about long-term maintenance.)

  1. Dress Up the Front Door

Perhaps nothing dresses up a home more for less money and effort than painting or replacing an old, worn out door. Choose a color or style that will emphasize what you love about your home; reds are eye-catching and sassy, blue and teal are soothing and friendly, and black-and-white designs are sharp and elegant.

  1. Add Pizzaz with Plants

If you’re not able to afford a full landscaping overhaul, you can still use plants to add dimension, color, and softness to your home’s exterior. Container plants are affordable and can be layered and stacked for maximum effect. Alternatively, hang just a few plants symmetrically around the front door or porch for a lived-in, welcoming feel.


 Medium-Budget Projects with Maximum Appeal

  1. Invest in New Porch Posts and Railings

If your porch posts and railings are boring, rotting, or peeling, your home’s curb appeal is definitely suffering. Buyers will notice, and it will likely cast doubt on your overall home maintenance. Swap out those tired pillars with new posts and railings. Modern options are PVC-clad for durability and ease of cleaning. Add molding for a custom, high-end look that will cost only a bit more.

  1. Add Dimension with a Porch

If your home’s front is flat and lacking dimension, adding plants and shutters might not be enough. To add real appeal, consider building a porch; it can be the best way to truly transform the lines of a boxy, flat design. Work with a professional who can make sure your home’s roof blends seamlessly with your porch, and again, adding crown molding is always a great way to get the most bang for your buck.


Big-Budget Projects that Add Maximum Value

1. Add Storage Space

If you can afford to add features to your home, consider adding storage.

The more storage space you can offer potential buyers, the easier it will be for them to envision themselves living there. The last thing you want is for people to walk through your home and wonder what they’ll have to give up in order to make your home work for them. Additional storage space will have the most impact in the bathrooms, closets, pantries, kitchen cabinets and in the garage.

  1. Re-do LandscapingThis one is fairly self-explanatory: if your home has fresh, modern landscaping with low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants with minimal swaths of lawn,  it’s more likely to appeal to buyers who must consider the long-term time and water investment that your yard will demand. Work with a professional landscaping designer if you don’t have substantial expertise in this area; this type of investment should be carefully planned in order to maximize your return-on-investment.

3. Dress Up the Whole Home

Big changes like replacing siding, windows, and roofs, or even simple changes like repainting or re-framing windows are all great ways to transform your home’s curb appeal. Nothing makes a house look brand-new quite like changing its “clothes” entirely. Potential buyers will be drawn in by your home’s beautiful exterior, cutting the time and effort needed to sell the home significantly. You will, of course, also be able to ask much more for your home if it has just been updated so significantly.

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