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There’s always a show happening in Music City. Any time of the day or night, you can stroll through downtown and enjoy our live music scene. What further sets Nashville apart as a true jewel when compared to other music scenes throughout the country is the dedication our local artists show toward making live music available FOR FREE to locals and guests all year long.

Here are a few of our favorite places where you can hear music for free or cheap here in Middle Tennessee. We hope to see you out at the parks and on the dance floors!


Musicians Corner

From 12 – 5 pm in May, June, September, and October, Centennial Park hosts this famous family-friendly concert series. This casual event features food trucks, local artisan

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May is here! As the weather gets warmer, more and more events are popping up all over Middle Tennessee! From charities to food to music, we are filling up our weekends with these amazing events and we hope you’ll join us! As always, we are looking forward to eating lots of great food, listening to music, and enjoying the strong community that you feel all over Middle Tennessee.

May 2: The Big Payback

Online | Everywhere!

Ok, so we’ve talked about The Big Payback a lot but we just can’t help it! We’re so excited that it’s finally time! Head over to their website on the 2nd to support your favorite Middle Tennessee non-profit in all that they do!

May 4-5: Sevier Park Fest

Sevier Park | Nashville

Kick off May with this great free

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In Middle Tennessee, nothing says home like going to one of the many amazing music festivals! With so many incredible opportunities to choose from, you can really fill up your weekends and take advantage of what Middle Tennessee has to offer. Festivals are not like concerts however and are best enjoyed when you come prepared! So, we want to give you the most up-to-date packing list we can! Here are all our suggestions: 


Wristband or Ticket





Lanyard or Backpack (to keep your hands free)

Festival App







Cell Phone Backup Battery

Battery Operated Fan

Hacky Sack


Hula Hoops

Yoga Mat



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As we continue our way through April, we are so excited for this new round of businesses to enjoy! There’s a good mix of local businesses we are supporting this month. If you’re hungry or just want to work out, there is something for everyone!


LOLO, Locals Supporting Locals, is an amazing program for your Parks realtor to give to you! Each month, a completely free, new gift comes to your cell phone for you to enjoy. The gifts are selected by county and are only for local businesses, no nationwide chains!

LOLO helps remind us to shop local and support our friends and neighbors! Here are March’s gifts to you!

Firefly Grille

Davidson County


Davidson County folks are in for a treat! Firefly Grille is an amazing restaurant in Green Hills.

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Though it is less than one square mile in area, Berry Hill has a big personality. Here you’ll find tree-lined streets dotted with quaint cottages, small parks with playgrounds, and one of a kind shops and restaurants. Murals cover the fences and brick walls of some of the businesses, giving the neighborhood a unique creative atmosphere.

Berry Hill Nashville Community Real Estate Parks RealtyEclectic stores fill former homes from the 1940’s and are separated by well-known restaurants such as Monell’s and the Pfunky Griddle. The once industrial area is now thriving with recording studios, music publishers, and one of a kind businesses, growing the under 1,000-resident city to nearly 7,000 during business hours.

In the evenings, you’ll find locals playing trivia at M.L. Rose,

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During the month of April, we want to take a pause and focus our attention on our local area and the amazing philanthropies that work in Middle Tennessee. We are so proud of these organizations that dedicate their time selflessly to improving the lives of others.

All throughout this month, we want to be gearing up and planning for a very special day, May 2nd. On this day, our community comes together to participate in what is known as The Big Payback.


What is the Big Payback?
We are so glad you asked! The Big Payback is 24 hours of online giving to local charities! There’s a whole database of participating philanthropies that can be sorted by their size, mission, and needs.

The Community Foundation, which serves as a digital resource center and

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Read the full interview with the organizer of The Big Payback, Kathryn Bennett!

What is the Big Payback?

The Big Payback is a 24 hour online giving day that is geared towards Middle Tennessee non-profits. It was started back in 2014 so, this will be the 5th year of the Big Payback. We got all the nonprofits together and educate them on how to do social media marketing and email marketing and really engage with their donors and supporters to have a big day of giving.


How did the Big Payback Get Started?

The Big Payback was started 5 years ago because we saw room for growth in terms of how non-profits were telling their story, how they were engaging with donors, and as a society, everything was moving online, but, not everyone came

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We should probably rename April to “Festival Month” because there is so much going on! There is something to do every weekend all across Middle Tennessee! From Mule Day to Nashville’s Comedy Festival, you certainly won’t be bored!

April 2-8: Mule Day

Downtown Columbia | Columbia

If you aren’t from Middle Tennessee you may not know it, but Mule Day is a favorite with all the locals! Over 100,000 visitors head to Columbia to see the parade, mule shows, and enjoy southern food! This has been a local tradition for the last 170 years and has awarded Columbia the title, “Mule Capital,” of the world. You really just have to see it in person!

April 7: East Nashville Beer Festival

700 Woodland Street | Nashville

The 8th Annual East Nashville Beer

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Can you believe it’s already March? We are staying strong with our goal to help support local businesses! This month, everyone participating in LOLO has some AWESOME opportunities to enjoy delicious food, clothing, and coffee!

LOLO, Locals Supporting Locals, is an amazing program for your Parks realtor to give to you! Each month, a completely free, new gift comes to your cell phone for you to enjoy. The gifts are selected by county and are only for local businesses, no nationwide chains!

LOLO helps remind us to shop local and support our friends and neighbors! Here are March’s gifts to you!

McCabe Pub

Davidson County


Are you hungry right now? If not, prepare to be! McCabe Pub is a delicious, all-American restaurant that specializes in

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Everyone knows the Nashville food truck scene is alive and prospering but, how familiar are you with other mobile businesses? Industrious entrepreneurs across Middle Tennessee have dreamed up these amazing businesses that wheel around instead of being a brick and mortar.  From flowers to a bar to clothing, they really offer just about everything in a convenient come-to-you fashion. Here are some of our favorites!

Amelia’s Flower Truck

If you are wondering why that name sounds familiar, its probably because you’ve seen it in Southern Living, or featured by VW, or, maybe even on Bergdorf Goodman? Amelia’s has spread like wildfire across social media channels due to it’s vintage, aesthetically pleasing exterior and amazing flowers sold within!

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