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For most of us, the Thanksgiving meal is one of the best we’ll enjoy in any given year. Gathering with our family and friends around this iconic meal gives us the opportunity to use china, silverware, and tablecloths that we reserve for just such occasions.

Our guide to decorating your table for Thanksgiving will give you themes to follow as well as ideas to mix and match from. Our themes run the gamut from indulgent to crisp and simple, but there are a few guidelines that apply to all of them.

  1. Don’t set up a centerpiece that will obstruct your guests’ view. Connectedness and conversation are more beautiful than a tower of even the freshest blooms.
  2. If you include a pop of trendy color, choose just one. While earthy fall palettes can be mixed
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Nashville and the surrounding areas have earned worldwide acclaim for their culinary feats, and Thanksgiving is no exception. If you’re looking for restaurants that will prepare a gorgeous Thanksgiving feast, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. We encourage you to call ahead as soon as possible to let the restaurant know how many people you’d like to serve and what you’d like to order. These spots do fill up quickly.

The Mockingbird

121 12th Ave N, Nashville
Offering a decadent three-course meal followed by a choice of season dessert, The Mockingbird is a popular choice for Thanksgiving. Reservations required. Book online or call (615) 741-9900. View the full menu here. Just select Holiday menus at the top tab.
$30 Optional Beverage

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As with most holidays, Middle Tennessee does not disappoint when it comes to getting into the spirit of just about any holiday and Halloween is no exception. No matter what age, time, or day you’re looking for a little trick-or-treating fun, you’re in luck with plenty of options. Check out a few of our favorites, we’ve rounded up:

Goblins in the Garden at Cheekwood

Bring your little ones for a special “Tuesdays for Tots” Halloween celebration at Cheekwood on Tuesday, October 30th. From 10am to noon there will be art and science activities in Massey Hall, along with storytime from 10:30am to 11:30 am. The trick-or-treat trail in the color garden is open from 10:30am to noon. Don’t forget to take pictures at the Pumpkin House!

Trick or Treat at

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Join Parks in supporting our fallen veterans on National Wreaths Across America Day this December!

From the Revolutionary War to present day conflicts, our veterans are devoted sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. They come from all backgrounds in life to place those lives on the line for our freedoms. In many homes, there is an empty seat for one who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. There is no better time to express our appreciation than during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Help us ensure that the sacrifices of our heroes are never forgotten by sponsoring a wreath to be placed in memory of a veteran, on December 15th, at the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. Parks agents will be on-site

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In a town like Nashville and an area like Middle Tennessee, the toughest thing about any holiday is deciding what to do. Add on no work, no school, sunny skies and one of the most festive areas of the country? You’ve got a dilemma on your hands. Luckily, this falls into the category of “no wrong answer” – and no matter what you chose, you’ll be beaming with not just American pride, but Middle Tennessee pride before the fifth of July even gets close.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to soak in the freedom of the fourth in Middle Tennessee:

Let Freedom Sing! – Fifth Avenue and Broadway

A yearly favorite – July 4th at Fifth Avenue and Broadway is bigger and bigger each year. Beginning at 5pm there is live music by Lady Antebellum, Chris Janson,

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At this time of year, many homeowners invite family and friends over to celebrate the holiday season. Fortunately, they don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. With just a few helpful tips, it’s easy to have a great party and still stay on budget.

One important thing to keep in mind is that when winter arrives, most people aren’t looking for anything too extravagant from the holiday parties they attend; after all, family and friends are what many attendees want to celebrate around the holidays. That fact can help to put hosts at ease as it relates to keeping costs down, but even beyond that, there are plenty of ways to save money, according to Living Well Spending Less.

Of course, when it comes to staying on-budget, it’s

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You’ve taken the kiddos to visit Santa, they’ve made their wishlist, and it’s Christmas Eve. What’s the last thing you should do before convincing them that Christmas morning will come faster if they go to sleep? Leave out some cookies and milk for Santa, of course! We visited Julia’s HomeStyle Bakery in Murfreesboro to find out what Mr. Claus likes best and about the care and love that goes into each of the bakery’s cookies. 

The holidays are a busy time around Julia’s, with around 900 dozen cookies being ordered each week. Each cookie is hand rolled, cut, glazed, iced, and sprinkled before being put in the beautiful display cases at the front of the store. No shortcuts are taken, and guests can get a peek into the kitchen from the counter where

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If you’ve got little ones at home, one of the most fun parts of Christmas is taking them to meet Santa! Hearing what questions they come up with and what gifts they want from St. Nick is a fun experience, and whether they laugh or cry, the photos are always priceless. We’ve compiled a list of some of the area’s best places to take your kids to visit Santa, along with tips and tricks to make it an enjoyable experience! 

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

1200 Forrest Park Drive | Nashville

When?: Tuesdays-Thursdays through Christmas, 8 pm
Cost: Included with Cheekwood Admission
Other: Bring your own camera!

The Mall at Green Hills

2126 Abbott Martin Road | Nashville

When?: During Mall Hours
Cost: $26-52, depending upon package purchased

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Holiday decorating has such a warm, cozy, and festive allure to it. Think: Wearing your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks with a hot cocoa in hand while playfully hanging up decorations with the kids. Of course, there’s also that perfect holiday playlist in the background and heck, why not hope for gently falling snow outside, as well. 

The truth? Holiday decorating can be a major dread for some. Think: The world’s largest ball of tangled lights, not being able to find your kid’s handmade ornaments from last year and overspending on those latest Pinterest ideas.

Good news? With a little organizing, simplifying and planning, the process can be much more of a hot-cocoa-in-hand experience than a dread-inducing weekend project. Below are a few tips to

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With Thanksgiving just days away, homeowners can never be short of tips and helpful suggestions for those little setbacks that come with travel or hosting for the holiday. One of the easiest ways to make sure all cheerful efforts go according to plan is to sit down and make up a schedule for the event, according to the Huffington Post. Ensuring all relatives know when to get there is one thing, but hosts also need to ensure they know when to start their food preparation, put out the dishes, and so on, to make sure nothing gets derailed.


Simple Tips 

Often, the process of shopping for a feast, consisting of a number of courses to feed several people or more, can be difficult. It’s not easy to balance catering to various needs and stay

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