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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

With 2015 quickly approaching, you may be setting your own personal resolutions. From vowing to become healthier and work out, to promising that you’ll go get that degree you’ve been longing for, we all have our own unique goals for the new year. But every year, you forget about something important — your home! Be sure to make some goals for your home this upcoming year!

Plan For The Remodeling Project You’ve Been Looking Forward To

Have you been longing to redo your bathroom? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about repainting your living room. Whatever home remodeling project you are looking forward to, start planning for it in 2015!


When you plan ahead, you’ll have the opportunity to figure out your budget,

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The Pros and Cons Of Real and Fake Christmas Trees

Deciding between a real or fake Christmas tree can be a very long debate. Some families grow up using only fake trees, while others cherish the beauty of a real Christmas tree. This begs the question, which is better than the other? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of owning each type of tree.


In addition to the lights, ornaments and additional decorations you hang on and around your Christmas tree, your real tree will require quite a bit of maintenance. You must make sure that your tree is healthy, pruned, and thriving. From constantly cleaning up the shedding needles, to making sure it has a constant supply of water, maintaining a real Christmas tree is a bit

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5 Funny and Witty Signs You Need to Add to Your Home

We’ve all seen the inspirational, cute, and heartwarming signs in our homes, and the homes of our friends and family. From “Home Is Where The Heart Is” to “Live. Laugh. Love”, we’ve seen it all! If you have a great sense of humor, try adding these five hilarious signs to your Middle Tennessee home.

Humor In the Kitchen

Ready to joke about your cooking abilities? This hilarious sign takes care of it for you. Know someone who’d love this sign in their home? Share it with them!


Who Has Time to Organize Anyway?

Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to keep our home organized. Is this the perfect sign for your home?


A Sign For the Funny, Witty and Quirky Families!


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