New homeowners, and all of you who have “level up my entertainment game” on your list of resolutions for 2022, today we’re talking to you. Our list of home entertainment must-haves will have your guests saying, “Everything looks beautiful! This must have taken forever.”

Of course, we don’t want you to have to spend ages setting up for a dinner party, cocktail soiree, or birthday bash. So, read on for the party staples we recommend to make your life easier—and a touch more luxurious.

Coat Hooks

When guests enter your home, one of the first needs they’ll have is for a place to safely stash their coats. Coat racks take up space, and let’s face it—they're not even all that convenient to use. A series of coat hooks, though, will provide your guests with a place to hang their coats and bags, without slashing your entry space by a few square feet.


Instead of purchasing (and trying to find storage for) multiple sets of seasonal or festive dishes, we recommend purchasing one set of crisp, plain, white dishes. The great thing about white dishes is their suitability for every gathering, in any season.

To create a complete theme for your party, add appropriate centerpieces, a tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings, chargers, or appetizer plates.

Stemless Glass Tumblers

As anyone who has broken a wine glass can tell you, they usually snap at the stem. Wine glasses are also notoriously tricky to store and can’t be used to serve water or cocktails.

We recommend choosing stemless glass tumblers. These versatile, sturdy glasses can be used for water, cocktails, wine, and blended drinks. You'll save money and storage space, and only the most stubborn wine aficionados will be miffed by your swap.

Metallic Paint Markers for Your Tumblers

Because your tumblers won’t have stems, traditional wine glass charms won’t work for your parties. The good news? Your guests will love using these fun, safe markers to claim their tumblers. When the party is over, a bit of dish liquid or glass cleaner will remove the metallic paints with ease.

Elegant Champagne Bucket

One champagne bucket is all you’ll need to add a touch of effortless luxury to your parties. Make sure the bucket you choose matches the finishes throughout your kitchen or dining room and choose the best quality you can afford. Then, get your money’s worth by using it at every gathering for at least the next five years!

Wet Bar Cart

If you don’t have a bar permanently installed in your home, don’t fret. A sturdy bar cart shouldn’t cost you more than $150 and can be used for a variety of serving duties, including appetizers, drinks, water, desserts, and bussing out dishes at the night’s end.

The great thing about rolling bar carts is their mobility. Set up a drink or snack station anywhere you like, move it around as needed, and use it as an extra prep space in your kitchen between parties.

Water Pitchers

Place several creative fruit-infused waters out for your guests in glass pitchers. They’ll be easy for your guests to use, appeal to their senses, and make it simple for you to keep tabs on refill requirements. Your guests will benefit from hydrating throughout the night, and this simple step is sure to prompt them to top up on delicious, healthy infusions.

Marble Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Every party is improved by a beautiful cheese plate or charcuterie spread, but it can be challenging to keep cheeses cool. The fix? A marble cheese and charcuterie board. Of course, marble is a timelessly beautiful material, but it’s also beloved in kitchens for its ability to keep ingredients cold.

Vegans, don’t sleep on this entertainment must-have: fruits, vegetables, avocado, nuts, hummus, and sliced sourdough are gorgeous against a marble serving board.

Serving Trays

There is simply no form of entertainment that isn’t made easier by using several serving trays. You’ll likely use them to set out appetizers, aperitifs, or sorbets, to carry mains, buss used dishes, and serve desserts.

After the party is over, you can either store them or use them in your home décor. Serving trays look great under books, candles, flower arrangements, and can even transform an oversized ottoman into a mobile coffee table. For this reason, it’s best to choose serving trays that either complement your existing décor or are simple enough to integrate into any design scheme.


Unless you love telling each guest what every bit of food contains, it may be best to create menus for your party. Place a few out for your guests to peruse, but feel free to move them over to the bar or countertop once most of your party guests have arrived.

You can either handwrite your menus or print them out. Neither approach has a distinct advantage over the other but be honest with yourself about how easy it is for others to read your handwriting. If you’re one of the many people who writes in a way doctors may be famous for, printed menus are the way to go.

Centerpiece Vessel(s)

Like a champagne bucket, you can get away with having only one vessel for your centerpiece arrangements. Keep it simple, then change up the seasonality via the arrangements themselves. When the party is over, you can use the vessel itself as part of your year-round décor.

What are your favorite entertainment tools and accessories? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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