For the fall-lovers; great news. For the can’t-get-enough-of-summer-type; sorry about the title, summer isn’t over just yet!

Either way, we’re all wondering where the time has gone this summer! It is, once again, going to be dropping in temperatures before we know it. With the impending drop in temperatures, we want to remind you of the quick things you can do to help keep your home in tip-top shape as we approach fall: 

Check for those Future Drafts 

Little cracks and crannies can go all summer without being noticed - but leave it to that first cold day and you’ll be wishing you took care of them earlier!

To prevent losing the heat you’re working (and spending!) to try to identify any small openings to the outside. You can use your hand to feel for outside air, or use a “leak” detector tool. Once you have found the leaks, work to seal each one. The easiest and most cost-effective way to fill cracks along doors and windows is typically with rope caulk, but there are endless “weatherproofing” options out there with strips, sealable plastic, etc. If nothing else, when the truly cold weather eventually comes in, be sure you are taking care of the draft that often comes in under doors to the outside. (Even a rolled-up towel will do!)

Trim It All! 

Trees, large branches, bushes … leave nothing unnoticed! Your landscaping likely shot up (and out) an impressive amount over the summer and it’s important to trim anything that even has the possibility of damaging power lines or any part of your home.

One Last A/C Look

Probably not first on your mind, but before you say goodbye to the A/C, doing just a little bit of cleaning and prep for the winter will be worth your time. By cleaning the fan blades and condensing coils, and covering your unit with a weatherproof cover, you will extend the life of your A/C. If you have window units, don’t forget to remove them to help stop cold drafts from coming in through that open window.

Think Humidity

If you have a house-wide dehumidifier in your basement, remember to change it to the winter setting. Have a portable humidifier? Break that out, give it a clean with vinegar and distilled water and relieve some of the “dry air” that winter brings along. Not in the market for a new appliance? Check Amazon for single room humidifiers with great reviews!

Reverse Fans

Bringing the hot air back down from the ceiling by reversing your ceiling fans, can reduce heating costs up to 10%. That’s a win in our book! 

Safety Check

It’s always important to have a rhythm of when you check your home detectors - and changing seasons are a good way to remember. It’s especially important to check before you start heating your house and turning on the fireplace, so check those smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices for working batteries and functionality! 

Protect Your Roof

Do a check of your roof and replace any damaged shingles. Clear gutters and downspouts (leaves build up and hold water close to the roof), and add insulation in the attic to help prevent water from being able to freeze. Not sure how to check your roof? Cross the street, get out your binoculars, and inspect. Sounds crazy, but hey - you will have a thorough check of the roof instead of guessing! 

Seasonal Furniture

It may be tempting to leave your beloved outdoor furniture out for the long haul, but do your furniture a favor and protect it from harsh conditions. Once you feel like you’ve had your final outdoor furniture hoorah for the year, do a final clean and store in a dry place. It will be good as new next time you pull it out! 

Fertilize Your Lawn

Landscapers say that “feeding” your lawn in the fall will help protect it in the winter and green up faster in the spring. So get out that fertilizer and cheers to your future spring yard!

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