All right, men, gather ‘round. Let’s talk about man caves! Creating your perfect man cave will require comfortable furniture, high-tech features, nostalgic touches, cozy lighting, drinks, and space to entertain. Whether you’re here for ideas for your first man cave or are preparing to refresh the one you’ve enjoyed for years, we’re here to help. We have listed our 12 man cave must-haves below. From hidden doors and space-saving bars to home theater setups, these products and ideas should definitely be on your wish list!

1.) Hidden Door Bookcase

Is there any home feature more intriguing than a hidden door? Make your man cave’s entrance a secret with one of these hidden door bookcases, while simultaneously adding a useful feature to the connecting space. Unsuspecting visitors will walk right by, and your buddies will get a thrill from pushing aside the bookcase every time they enter.

2.) LED Lighting

With all the electronics your man cave will contain, you may find your energy bill jumps significantly. At the same time, the heat generated may make your getaway stuffy. Eliminate one source of wattage and heat by installing LED lighting. Modern LED lights are available in a range of color temperatures, sizes, and appearances, so you’re guaranteed to find bulbs that suit your man cave’s theme.

3.) Smart Home Controls

Your home likely has a smart home system, and we think your man cave should, as well. Control your whole cave from one remote or use your smartphone to run the show; either way, don’t skip this step. You’ll be giving yourself the gift of leisure time without the frustration of finding and/or fumbling with a number of remotes controls.

4.) Your Dream Sound System

Whether you plan to use your man cave to watch sports, play video games, listen to music, or enjoy your favorite shows, you deserve the best sound system you can afford. Take your time researching and listening to sound systems in person before you make your purchase.

Additionally, consider whether you’ll need to soundproof your den. Late-night MMA showdowns, gaming, and music can all lead to conflict with your family, and even your neighb0rs. Soundproofing is a surefire way to ensure that you’re living your best life without disturbing others.

5.) Home Projector

Home projectors are better than they’ve ever been, and they’re also more affordable. If your man-cave has a large, open wall, and sufficient space to allow for projection, a home projector has to be on your list. Gaming, television, and movies will look so good, you may never go to the theaters again.

6.) Reclining Theater Couch with Cup Holders

To complete your home theater experience, we suggest a reclining couch with cup holders. They are comfortable without being slouchy, functional without being utilitarian, and a must-have for your entertainment space.

7.) Console Gaming Storage Systems

Console gamers, this idea is just for you. Display your consoles, hand-held gaming systems, and nostalgic gaming merch with a practical, yet inviting gaming storage system. Small spaces can be converted into perfect console gaming rooms, too, as demonstrated by this storage space conversion.

8.) Compact Murphy Bar

Your man cave may not have space for a full, wall-to-wall bar, but a Murphy bar can fit anywhere. Pull it down when you’re mixing drinks, then pop it back into place to reclaim the room you need to entertain.

9.) Miniature Concession Stand

Stock up on snacks and candy before the Superbowl, Playoffs, or World Cup, and use them to fill this miniature concessions stand. Set it up in your cave, then sit back and watch your buddies’ faces light up as they hit your complimentary concessions stand before they settle in for the game!

10.) Convertible Gaming Table

Table-top RPGs, board games, card games, and dice games will be more enjoyable than ever on this premier convertible gaming table. Your man-cave will become the solo gaming destination for your gaming group, poker night, and RISK marathons, so don’t get this table if you want your weekends and evenings to be solo retreats!

11.) Convertible Pool/Ping-Pong/Dining Table

If pool and ping-pong are more your jam, this 7’ compact convertible table will suit you perfectly. You can swap the surface for a dining setup in a flash, making this space-saving multi-tasker the ideal man cave installation when you’re dealing with less square footage.

12.) Glass Door Mini Fridge

To save your buddies the hassle of staring into the open mini-fridge, and keep your brews as cold as possible, opt for a glass-front mini-fridge. With all the appeal and organization of a vending machine, your beverage offerings couldn’t have a better home base.

If your current home doesn’t boast the space for your ideal man cave, it’s time to contact Parks Realty. Your agent will carefully listen to your list of dream home features, then scour our fresh-to-market sources for properties that you’re sure to fall in love with.

No matter where you want to live in Middle Tennessee, Parks has got you covered. We are locally owned and have deep insight into this region. Your real estate agent lives here and loves this community just like you do.

Although we’re a local company, we are proud to say we out-perform national real estate companies across the board. We look forward to helping you locate your ideal property, complete with awesome man cave potential.

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