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There’s So Much To Do In Smyrna, Tennessee!

With populous cities such as Murfreesboro and Nashville right near by, the quaint town of Smyrna, Tennessee may be overlooked. However, once you find yourself within town limits, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been here before! With so much to do and see, you may consider moving to this vibrant Middle Tennessee town.

A Small Town With a Vast History

Home to the Sam Davis Plantation, Smyrna played an important role in the Civil War. Due to its location between Nashville and Chattanooga, the train depot assisted in transportation. In addition, the fateful events of Sam Davis occurred in Smyrna, TN.


Image via www.samdavishome.org

In 1941, the Sewart Air Force Base was established in Smyrna. This base

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Is Your New Home In Murfreesboro, TN?

If you’re searching for a brand new home, have you looked in the vibrant city of Murfreesboro? As a steadily growing area of Middle Tennessee, Murfreesboro is constantly proving to be a great place for families to reside. With a rich history, plenty of entertainment options, and renowned schools, perhaps your new home is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

A Notable History

First named Cannonsburgh, after Newton Cannon, Murfreesboro has a long and interesting history. In fact, did you know that Murfreesboro was the state capital of Tennessee from 1818 until 1826, when Nashville took the title? Due to it’s central location, the Tennessee government decided that Murfreesboro would be a better capital location than

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