Top 10 House Cleaning Hacks

Posted by Jenni Barnett on Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 8:30am.

Cleaning a house often feels like running towards a finish line that never quite shows up. The minute one part is cleaned, another needs attention. However, whether you’re the super-organized type who cleans on a schedule, or the “deep clean when the mood strikes” type - anything to save time cleaning is a win in our book. Here are our ten favorite house cleaning hacks:

1.) Microwaves 

Does anyone else feel like the splatters and grime in a microwave that constantly appear are one of a home’s greatest mysteries? The other part of that mystery is, why is it so hard to clean a microwave? Good news: there is something that makes this astonishingly easier. Simply put a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar with something wooden, like a wooden spoon (this prevents the water from boiling) in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, the grime will easily wipe off with a paper towel or sponge! 

2.) Disposals 

No one likes that lingering, faint scent of a disposal wafting through your kitchen. While it does a lot of the kitchen’s dirty work, it doesn’t have to be dirty, and doesn’t need to be doused with chemicals either. Try cutting a fresh lemon or lime into quarters and while the water is running and the disposal is going, drop the pieces in one by one. Another option is to freeze ice cubes in trays with vinegar and pieces of lemon. Either way, you’ll have a sanitized and fresh smelling disposal!

3.) Ceiling Fans

It’s concerning how quickly a ceiling fan can start to look like an otherworldly landscape of dust. Good news? Everyone owns pillowcases and that’s all you need to help them out! Simply put the pillowcase over each fan blade, and while putting a little pressure on both sides, slowly move the pillowcase from the center outwards. This dusts the blades and holds the dust in one swoop. Afterwards, shake the pillowcase out outside and throw in the wash.

4.) Bath Tubs

It’s safe to assume that getting down into the bathtub and scrubbing is not a favorite of anyone’s - so have the scrubbing done for you! Mix one cup vinegar, and half a cup of baking soda with hot water and pour it into an empty tub. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then, fill the tub a quarter of the way up with hot water and let sit for another 5 minutes. The reaction between the vinegar and baking soda should do the dirty work for you - so after these two steps just drain the liquid and rinse! (P.S. This mixture can also be used for cleaning toilets).

5.) Use the Dishwasher for More

An incredibly underutilized cleaning appliance: the dishwasher. Try using your dishwasher to clean way more than just silverware and dishes! Try running kids’ toys refrigerator shelves and pieces, light fixtures, -- and other items made of rubber or hard plastic. It’s amazing that most of us haven’t thought of this before! 

6.) Use Dryer Sheets for More

Who knew the unassuming dryer sheets (even used ones!) could be used for so many more helpful things than clothes! The most helpful is the fact that they can be used to wipe over baseboards to stop dust and dirt from collecting. Nothing is worse than having to clean and dust what is essentially the walls of your home! In addition, dryer sheets can be used for buffing our spots on mirrors and bathroom/kitchen fixtures, and to remove a ring inside the toilet.

7.) Broken Glass 

The dreaded broken glass … unsafe to leave, and always a hazard picking up. Next time something breaks, press down a slide of bread on the areas that may still have tiny shards still. Much better than stepping on later!

8.) Blinds & Window Treatments

Nothing like dusting something that is completely made up of individual slats of wood! To clean blinds, stick your hand in a sock, and with equal parts vinegar and water on the sock, slide your hand across each slat so the sock dusts and cleans as you go. For window treatments, shake the fabric then vacuum along the fabric and below. 

9.) Pet Fur & Hair

Ever feel like just running your hand along furniture with pet fur on it to get rid of it all? With a rubber glove on, you can! For either fur or human hair (that never seems to get out of the carpet with just a vacuum!), use a large squeegee along the carpet. 

10.) Bathroom Fixtures

With a perfectly recently-deep cleaned bathroom - it’s nice to get the water stains and build up off of the showerhead and metal fixtures. For this, remove the showerhead and soak overnight in vinegar. Then cut a lemon in half and rub to remove stains on metal fixtures.

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