In 2019, we witnessed the departure of several design trends that had simply worn out their welcome. Dark wood cabinets, pre-packaged looks, all-gray spaces, wall-to-wall white, and solo accent walls were all out, and warm coppers and sparkling coastal blues made a grand entrance.

Whether you’re redecorating your space in 2020, purchasing a new home, or getting ready to stage a home for sale, it’s time to prepare for the new decade of interior design. The following trends are fresh and updated yet classic, and easily adaptable to suit your home’s existing character.

Color Trends

Several companies announced their 2020 pick for “Color of the Year” as 2019 drew to a close, and we’ve picked our favorites. Whether used together or separately, they are perfect for updating rooms that have been the victims of the widespread “monochromatic cool gray” trend of recent years.

Pantone: 19-4052 Classic Blue

In sharp contrast to last year’s splashy Color of the Year, warm and vivacious Living Coral, which was best used as a bright pop of color here or there, Classic Blue can be employed liberally throughout the home. 

In fact, you may already have furniture, bedding, and accessories in this timeless, familiar hue. While this color is certainly trending at the moment, its neutrality ensures that rooms bedecked in blue will look just as inviting and chic when it’s time to ring in 2024.

Behr: Back to Nature

While Pantone’s focus this year was on the familiar comforts of a classic home, Behr’s choice of a restorative, meadow green hue was intended to nudge us to engage with nature in this age of total technological saturation. The brand describes their choice as “calm, gracious, and balanced,” and we have to agree. 

Natural green hues give a nod to biophilic design trends, so take this opportunity to pepper your home with plenty of house plants. Given proper care, they’ll provide organic beauty as they lean into the current color trends.

On Neutral Colors

Over the past few years, neutral hues have hogged the spotlight. This year, though, designers have declared the era of neutrals over. Any room in your home that could be described as beige, greige, gray, or white is silently begging you to express yourself with a splash of color in 2020. If you’ve been longing to bring your favorite rich hues back from retirement, this is the perfect moment to do so.

Sustainability Trends

This year, embracing trends means connection to generations gone by. Perhaps thanks in part to the proliferation of flat-packed, essentially disposable furniture, homeowners and designers alike are embracing the return of vintage or refurbished choices. 

In most areas, there is always a bounty of vintage and antique furniture to be had. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by choice, narrow your search in advance by choosing only sturdy, beautiful pieces that fill necessary roles in your home. Tables, bookcases, desks, and chairs are all examples of pieces that, when carefully crafted from high-quality wood, age beautifully over time and can be used in any home.

When you are shopping pre-owned furniture, be prepared to scrub a bit. You may find that refinishing is the best way to bring out the full potential of a find. You’re following in the footsteps of design gurus everywhere, so rest assured: when paired with a bit of elbow grease and DIY know-how, your shopping efforts will yield a gorgeous home. 

Kitchen Trends

All-white kitchens, gray kitchens, and open cabinetry are all out in 2020, while dynamic stone, colored and two-tone cabinetry, along with bold geometric flooring are all making a strong showing.

If you’re planning to tile a space this year, skip white subway tile and organic mosaics in favor of kitsch, herringbone, geometric tile, or (unless you’re preparing a home for sale) a bold wash of your favorite jewel tone. 

If you want to update an all-bland kitchen, but don’t have plans or the budget for a full renovation, you can paint cabinets, add one or two colorful small appliances, or replace the countertops with something you truly love.

While flooring and cabinetry colors are bold and fun, the actual design elements are still trending toward sleek, concealed, and easy-to-clean finishes. The modern homeowner does not have spare hours to devote to scrubbing intricate fixtures and flourishes, and design trends will continue to reflect this reality.

Bathroom Trends

In the last decade, bathroom trends were focused on recreating spa-like luxury at home. In 2020, following the mood in the rest of the home, bathrooms will be fun and expressive. Bold patterns, bright colors, and funky fixtures are all perfect for the coming decade.

Texture Trends

Texture is yet another layer of interior design that is coming alive in 2020. Rich antique tapestries, unique colorful rugs, heavy velvet furniture, organic wooden accents, animal pelts, and worn stone are all back this year. When layered thoughtfully, these elements can be arranged to liven up any room in your home. 

Functional Art

After witnessing the frantic activity in the collectible design market, we’re giving a well-deserved nod to functional art. Younger generations are a bit bored with traditional art as an investment, but they are pouring their resources into collectible functional art. 

When a design is functional and interactive, the experience of art ownership as a collaboration between artist and patron is complete. It makes sense, then, that functional art is the one facet of interior design that we can absolutely expect to see boom in the coming year.

To decorate your home with functional art, research artists in your area. Attend auctions and gallery events, or if you’ve got a particular design in mind, find an artist who accepts commissions. 

Mediums like ceramics, fibers, 3-D printed polymers, and sculpted stone are all trending. Look for fine art details and skill to ensure that your piece will retain its value over time.

Are you redecorating or renovating in 2020? Which design trends do you plan to incorporate? Let us know in the comments!

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