The days of old-fashioned wallpaper are long since gone. Out with the old, and in the with the new eye-catching wall coverings that are taking on the design world by storm. Bold and simple, 2017’s wallpaper trends are heavily inspired by natural patterns, decadent colors and interesting textures. These wallpaper trends are an easy way to completely overhaul a room with just one simple addition.

Nature Inspired

The design world is currently loving big, oversized nature-inspired patterns. Often in neutral colors, these designs can easily blend with the current decor in a room. Thanks to the oversized patterns and the reminiscent of nature feel, these simple designs can lift the energy of any room. Nature-inspired designs with a tropical twist are especially in right now.


Not only do silver and gold wallpapers give a decadent feel, but their light-bouncing qualities gives small rooms a bigger feel. Metallic wallpapers are often more about the texture than the pattern. The way a metallic wall covering bounces off light, especially in naturally darker rooms, are usually what designers look for. As an added bonus, wallpapers with a metallic treatment are often thicker and provide more sound-proofing.


 Geometric wallpapers can bring a clean, orderly feel to your room. With designs as simple and complex as they come, geometric wall coverings are hugely versatile and offer design solutions to a wide variety of tastes. For bolder looks, try loud patterns in small spaces. For a more simple and serene look, try a lighter, single hue pattern in a larger space.


 Marble wallpaper is not only known as incredibly stylish, but also for its unique ability to withstand the test of time. Similar to geometrics, marble patterns can be fit to your exact needs. Tighter patterns are better for smaller spaces, and you have many more monochrome patterns than in other patterns. Since marble designs are such a unique work of art in themselves, transforming a room with it usually means keeping the rest of the decor simple and understated.

Natural Textures

Just as the rest of the world, the wallpaper world has caught up with the endless possibilities of choices. From wall coverings of your favorite wood paneling, to concrete, and brick, there is now a wallpaper for any texture you could want. The best part? You can get that perfect aesthetic without having to install the real material.



Afraid to commit a whole room to your fabulous new print? Try one accent wall. Sometimes having one focal point in the room is exactly what you need for your new look.

Order samples! Nothing is worse than buying wallpaper that ends up not working with your house’s natural lighting and space – something you can’t determine from an online store or catalog.

Trends are of course the new in look, but don’t be afraid to go with the aesthetic you’ve always enjoyed, even if it’s a little more old-school. After all, it’s your home!

We are all about the DIY homeowner, but when it comes to more complex patterns, be careful when it comes to installation. Sometimes the tricky alignment that the designs need calls for a professional.


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