Home renovations are a common undertaking for homeowners who wish to expand, update, customize, or change the floor plan of their home. Have you been considering launching a home renovation in 2025? If so, it’s time to start planning in earnest. You have a lot to decide on: your general plans, the contractors from whom you want to secure bids, how you will fund the project, where you plan to stay (if you cannot remain at home), and what you’ll do when the work takes longer than you and your contractor planned.

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this! Remember that more than half of all homeowners in the US will complete home renovation plans this year, and you are just as capable of doing the same. Middle Tennessee is home to incredible contractors,…

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Fixer-uppers are DIY projects by nature. Elegant mid-century homes require plenty of TLC; even once-new homes require maintenance and upgrades over time. No matter which type of property your home may be, you likely feel a sense of accomplishment and even pride when you tackle and complete a repair, upgrade, or full section of a renovation.

The key to successful DIY is threefold: research, preparation, and follow-through. The kiss of death? Eyeballing a project, assuming you have the knowledge and technique figured out just by doing so, and diving straight in. The results will range from catastrophic (in the case of water or structural damage) to merely ugly (like an eyesore wall patch.)

The cost of repairing a catastrophic outcome will be far…

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The weather in Middle Tennessee makes swimming a dream from Memorial Day right through Labor Day. The downside of this optimal swimming region is that every public pool worth visiting is packed when you want to take a dip! Sure, you can drive out into the wilderness to swim near a waterfall, but if you’re like the rest of us, you find yourself fantasizing about how much you and your family would love to have your own backyard pool.

Unless you have a hefty savings account with an extra $80,000 to spare, it can be difficult to justify spending that much to secure access to a peaceful swim anytime you please. Hold off for a moment if you’ve been mulling over swallowing your pride and ordering an above-ground pool for the summer. We have some ideas…

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If you're like most Americans, your home is your single most significant investment. Consequently, properly caring for your home is a high priority for you. Routine maintenance, minor improvements, and major repairs must occur as needed. Unless you're a homeowner whose home is brand new, you will encounter clear signs when it's time to renovate your home on a larger scale. 

Renovating when it's not necessary can be a financial black hole, but allowing your home to fall into an outdated, dowdy state is also a missed economic opportunity. Improving your home to such an extent that it far outshines the surrounding properties can make it impossible to recoup your investment. In contrast, doing nothing while your home slowly drifts into the bottom ten…

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You might have heard about the allure of fixer-upper homes. They come with a promise of potential and an opportunity to create your dream space. But, before you commit, let's figure out if that fixer-upper is a hidden gem or a money pit in disguise.

The Adventure of Buying and Renovating a Fixer-Upper Home

The Quest for the Perfect Home

Picture this: You're scrolling through home listings, and there it is—the perfect fixer-upper home. It's got character, charm, and a price tag that's friendly to your budget. The excitement is real, but before you let your dreams run wild, it's time for a reality check.

The Inspection Adventure

The first step on this journey is getting a thorough home inspection. A qualified inspector will unearth the…

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Just a few decades ago, homeowners tended to use their garages as storage and parking spaces, feeling accomplished if theirs were at least organized and well-lit. Today, it’s increasingly popular to renovate or repurpose garages, using them as extensions of the cohesive indoor spaces rather than ignored, neglected zones. If you are preparing to take the leap and upgrade your garage, our conversion tips will help you at each stage of this complex task.

Ultimately, your goal of enjoying a chic, modern garage is absolutely achievable, so don’t give up! The results will be well worth the hard work. Whether you want your garage to boost your creativity, serve as a customized play space for your children, or give you space to host your friends for your…

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The height of the year’s outdoor entertainment season is nearly here, so what better time than now to level up with our recommendation for 2023’s best outdoor tech upgrades? With products to improve your security, lawn health, and even your pool’s chemical balance, we are confident you’ll find something for yourself or a loved one below.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

The Arlo 4 Spotlight Camera packs an impressive suite of features into an affordable, small product. Its 2k video is clear around the clock thanks to color night vision, auto-zoom, and motion tracking. It integrates with Siri, Alexa, Samsung’s SmartThings, and Apple’s HomeKit.

Because the Arlo Pro 4 is entirely wireless, it is a breeze to…

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If you plan to purchase your dream home this summer or want to transform the appearance of your current home’s design, you may be wondering if you should hire an interior designer. A skilled interior designer will have the ability to evoke moods, themes, shapes, textures, and proportions throughout your home based on a series of interviews with you and your family.

While this working relationship could be the stuff of dreams for one homeowner, it could be a clear mistake for another. With that in mind, let’s examine the most common matters you should consider before hiring an interior designer for your upcoming overhaul.

Service Packages vs. Hourly Rates

Throughout the process of interviewing several designers (or simply devouring their…

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Our bodies are composed of 55% to 60% water, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are interested in ways to upgrade their home water quality. From chlorine and heavy metals to unpleasant smells and flavors, there are a number of excellent reasons to first test your water, then take steps to refine your municipal water supply. Read on for a breakdown of the why, the how, and the results you should achieve with various methods.

Is Your Water Safe?

As residents ourselves, we’re pleased to report that the water reaching you throughout Middle Tennessee has been carefully filtered, treated, and tested before it is sent out into your community.

But there’s a catch: water utility companies are not responsible for nor required to ensure that the…

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Outdoor lighting is truly a multifunctional upgrade for your home. The right lighting will make your home more aesthetically pleasing, safer, and will enhance your home’s existing security measures. To learn more about the best ways to improve your home by adding outdoor lighting, read on.

Outdoor Lighting: Getting Started

Everything you’ve learned about creating appealing indoor lighting systems will translate to your outdoor lighting efforts. A variety of lights emanating from multiple points will result in the ideal diffuse effect.

In every outside space, your goal will be to avoid glare. Lighting should point down, away from the viewers’ eyes. If your home sits up higher than the street, visitors heading up to your home will have a…

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