Just a few decades ago, homeowners tended to use their garages as storage and parking spaces, feeling accomplished if theirs were at least organized and well-lit. Today, it’s increasingly popular to renovate or repurpose garages, using them as extensions of the cohesive indoor spaces rather than ignored, neglected zones. If you are preparing to take the leap and upgrade your garage, our conversion tips will help you at each stage of this complex task.

Ultimately, your goal of enjoying a chic, modern garage is absolutely achievable, so don’t give up! The results will be well worth the hard work. Whether you want your garage to boost your creativity, serve as a customized play space for your children, or give you space to host your friends for your next weekend party, we’ve got you covered!

Decluttering: Making Space for Your Vision 

Most of us hang on to a great number of items that are low-value, replaceable, and difficult to organize. If your garage has become a gigantic version of the stereotypical junk drawer, your first step should be ruthlessly decluttering. 

Sentimental items will form their own category, of course, but any easily replaceable clutter can go. Items that you use at least monthly are worth keeping, but if you can’t remember the last time you used that camping stove, it’s time to donate it and free up valuable space.

If you have been using your garage as a dumping ground for the relics of your procrastinated decisions, you will no doubt find this part of your renovation preparation challenging. If possible, you may wish to ask a close friend for help. They will bring some objectivity to the process while keeping your emotional and mental states in mind. 

Your Guidelines

  1. Does this item feel irreplaceable due to sentimental value? If so, would a beautiful photo or small piece of the object serve the same purpose?
  2. When did you last use the item? How frequently do you use it?
  3. Could someone you know make better use of it?
  4. If you encountered this item again at its current retail price, would you have a practical reason to repurchase it?
  5. Do you have somewhere to store it that doesn’t interfere with your use or enjoyment of your available space? Can you still easily access this item to use it as you plan to?

Hire an Electrician

Once you have created the available space you require, it’s time to hire a licensed and insured electrician to install wiring and access for easy addition of any devices you’ll use in your garage. It’s important that this step takes place before you install sheetrock and trim, let alone begin painting.

Consider Climate Control

Most garages are less well-insulated than the rest of the home. If your plans for your garage entail spending time in it throughout the year, optimizing its climate will be immensely helpful. 

Insulation, weather stripping, window sealing, and air conditioning will all contribute to creating a perfectly comfortable space for you to use as you please.

Decide on Flooring

Garage floor flooring is more diverse than ever. Regardless of your target budget, there’s an option that will meet your needs.

For the sleekest—and most expensive—option, consider epoxy. Its glistening, armor-like finish and flawless leveling will give your garage the appearance of an upscale auto retail space. 

If you’re more interested in freeing up budget for other aspects of your renovation, a high-quality concrete sealer will provide an aesthetically pleasing, durable, spill-proof, and yet won’t break the bank. 

No matter the type of flooring you choose, protect against leaks from your vehicles, and thoroughly clean spills of any kind as promptly as possible. These steps will help you wring the maximum lifespan from floors of any kind.

The Setup

Now it’s time to begin installing your ideal garage design. Usually, using your garage’s walls as storage is the best way to free up floor space, so choose wall racks and storage containers that match not only each other, but also your vision for your garage’s final appearance.

Next, you’ll want to move in the furniture, technology, or hobby-specific accoutrements you have chosen to create your dream garage.

Multi-use furniture is a favorite in these types of applications and may work for you as well. Convertible couches, storage ottomans that double as blanket stash zones and extra seating, and a wall-mounted television that’s supported by technology stored on racks that also hold bins are just a few examples of ways you can make your furniture do double duty for you.

The Takeaway

Your garage project has an expected ROI of nearly (or potentially more than) 100%, making the money spent on your exciting project also a sound investment in your home’s value. While the renovation will require time, effort, and considerable planning, allow your vision of the finished product to propel you throughout.

Are you still looking for a property with a garage for you to customize to your heart’s desire? Our highly experienced, locally-based REALTORS® are the best in Middle Tennessee, and would love to make your dream a reality.

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