Best Outdoor Tech Upgrades

Posted by Marketing on Friday, June 9th, 2023 at 11:00am.

The height of the year’s outdoor entertainment season is nearly here, so what better time than now to level up with our recommendation for 2023’s best outdoor tech upgrades? With products to improve your security, lawn health, and even your pool’s chemical balance, we are confident you’ll find something for yourself or a loved one below.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

The Arlo 4 Spotlight Camera packs an impressive suite of features into an affordable, small product. Its 2k video is clear around the clock thanks to color night vision, auto-zoom, and motion tracking. It integrates with Siri, Alexa, Samsung’s SmartThings, and Apple’s HomeKit.

Because the Arlo Pro 4 is entirely wireless, it is a breeze to install.

Our one caveat is that you will be required to add an Arlo Smart subscription plan to make full use of this standout security tool.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus uses ultra-bright LED floodlights to illuminate everything within its wide-angled view. If you have particular regions of your home’s exterior on which you’d like to keep a closer eye, you will have the option of customizing your camera’s motion zones to focus there. A built-in siren gives you the ability to warn off trespassers as you yourself are alerted to their presence.

Ring Protect is a monthly subscription that unlocks additional features and the ability to save your recorded video footage.

Best Outdoor Television

SunBriteTV 55-Inch Veranda Series 3 (SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL)

Traditional indoor televisions aren’t able to withstand a slow leak from the ceiling above, never mind a full downpour, gusts of dust, or searing summer temperatures, but this Veranda Series 3 certainly will. For full visibility, even on a bright afternoon, this model’s screen is 50% brighter than a comparable indoor television, and it packs a wallop color-wise as well.

Stream any media service with the incorporated Android TV features, use Google Assistant to control the TV with your voice, and mirror your phone for easy media sharing during parties.

Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

JBL Charge 5

The Charge 5 by JBL is an outdoor-ready portable Bluetooth speaker that repels dust and sand. The sound output is far bigger than one might expect from a portable speaker due to its powerful long-excursion driver, dual passive bass radiators, and a separate tweeter. Play audio for your poolside party or barbecue, and pack this little speaker along when you head down to picnic by the river—it can do it all.

Best Smart Pool Monitoring

WaterGuru Sense for Smart Pool Monitoring

Hands down, the most tedious part of pool ownership is water maintenance. If you don’t already outsource this task, you owe it to yourself to add WaterGuru Sense to your skimmer and level up to smart pool monitoring. Detect your pool’s free chlorine content and pH level with this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled tool to make this summer just a bit less of a hassle.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris Alpha IQ+

Polaris Alpha IQ+ is a new addition to the impressive lineup of robotic pool cleaners from this brand. This lightweight cleaner tells you your pool’s temperature, navigates with updated systems, and features an easy-to-clean canister that can be fully emptied without you having to touch the debris the IQ+ picks up.

Best Smart Sprinkler System

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
$149.99 - $249.99

Lawn care is a big task for many homeowners, but you can make life easier for yourself with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler controller. Available in 4, 8, and 16 zones, this controller can be utlized via a custom app, or set to water automatically based on the weather. If you use Alexa or Google Assistant, either one can be paired with the Rachio 3 to enable voice commands.

Best Smart Outdoor LED Bulb

Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38

The Connected Max PAR38 is far more affordable than other floodlight bulbs with comparatively lackluster lumens. Connect to these bulbs with your Wi-Fi network, then control it easily via the app or set an automatic on/off schedule. The white tones are customizable, and the bulb’s color can be changed if you are willing to accept a big reduction in perceived lumen output.

Best Smart Outdoor Party Strand Lights

Govee Lynx Dream Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Outdoor String Lights
$69.99 at Amazon

When you’re throwing a party, string lights are a great way to light up the night. The Govee Lynx Dream strand lights are available in 48 or 96 feet, and each string can be controlled with your voice or through your phone. The LED strands are both dimmable and color-changing, and come with a wide range of preset lighting scenes. When you want to take things up a notch, use the Music Sync mode!

The Takeaway

If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with outdoor entertainment areas, we hope you have fun this summer with at least a few of our favorite outdoor tech upgrades. Did any of our picks inspire you, or jump out at you as must-haves? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Or perhaps you’re planning to search for your dream home this summer? If so, we would be honored to work for you to find “the one.” Contact us today, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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