4 Tips Gardening Beginners Can Use This Summer

Gardening beginners can easily use these tips during the summer weather
The summer weather is finally upon us. Temperatures are rising and the weather, aside from a few storms here and there, is absolutely beautiful. If you’re like many Middle Tennessee residents, you cannot wait to get outside and tend to your garden.


If you happen to be an avid gardener, you have already started prepping and getting ready for a beautiful garden weeks ago. However, in Middle Tennessee, the temperature and weather difference between spring and summer can be drastic — especially for your flowers and other plants.


Don’t take the summer heat and the sunshine lightly! Use these tips to ensure that your garden stays beautiful all summer long.


Weed Your Garden Regularly

When summer arrives, it’s time for garden and lawn weeds to party! Seemingly overnight, these tiny annoyances can grow and spread like wildfire. For the best garden results, make sure to eliminate weeds on a weekly basis. If you forget to weed your garden, the weeds will use up all the nutrients and water your plants require.


Don't forget to weed your garden!

Your Lawn and Garden Needs to Stay Hydrated Too

Just like you and your family need to stay hydrated in the summer heat, so do your plants. Be sure to frequently water your garden. But, don’t drown them! If you give your plants too much water, you could jeopardize the health of your garden.


Water a Flower Day is May 30, 2015
In fact, celebrate Water a Flower day on May 30th by properly watering your garden!


Use Compost to Fertilize Your Garden

Have you considered using compost in your Middle Tennessee home or community garden? Compost is considered a great fertilizer for gardens. Why? Compost contains an incredible amount of nutrients, which in turn makes your plants healthier and absolutely gorgeous!


Many home gardeners use compost as a replacement for mulch. When using compost as a moisture holding mulch, ensure that there are about 2-3 inches of compost around your plants. Just like mulch, be sure to check on your garden and tend to it regularly to elicit the great benefits associated with compost.


Don’t forget, Composting Day is on May 29th! Use the day to explore the endless possibilities associated with using compost.


Explore New Garden Possibilities

Having a garden allows homeowners to explore a variety of creative and stunning possibilities. Whether you want to have a vegetable garden, a vertical potted plant hanger or try planting the many native Middle Tennessee plants, you can! For a beautiful garden, try using these perennial flowers in your home garden this year.



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