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Indulge your senses while supporting the heart of our region by patronizing the best bakeries in Middle TN. These independent gems not only fill the air with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked treats but also contribute to the uniquely beautiful tapestry of our community. From flaky, buttery pastries to a wide array of artisanal breads, these bakeries offer a delectable parade of delights that are anything but ordinary. 

By choosing local, you're not just savoring exceptional flavors; you're investing in the passion and dedication of your own neighbors. Let your taste buds embark on a journey through the rich, diverse offerings of Middle Tennessee's bakeries, and relish in the knowledge that your choice fosters a flourishing local economy and a stronger, more connected community.

Five Daughters Bakery
Multiple Locations | Nashville + Franklin

Five Daughters Bakery curates a gorgeous Instagram account, but their renowned 100-layer donuts are even more impressive. Containing buttery layers created with the techniques normally used to craft croissants, this hybrid treat can require up to three days to create!  

Thanks to the owners, two Brooklyn transplants, this bakery’s donut selection rotates monthly, a pattern that has garnered an avid fan base whose members return at least twelve times per year to explore new flavors. The bakery remains committed to their ethos, using only locally sourced ingredients, and creates recipes suitable for vegan and paleo diets. 

Julia's Homestyle Bakery
1911 Medical Center Pkwy B | Murfreesboro

Julia’s Homestyle Bakery’s signature pink box is iconic in Murfreesboro and beyond, because anything packed up in one is going to be mouth-wateringly delectable. Julia’s is most famous for their brightly colored custom cakes, but they put the same level of care into their cookies, cupcakes, and other pastries. 

Gluten-free foodies, rejoice! Most goodies from Julia’s can be made without gluten, so be sure to ask when you order.

Baked on 8th
1512 8th Ave S | Nashville

Baked on 8th features an ever-shifting menu, though they do strive to keep their most famous treats in stock. Nashvillians love this bakery’s photo-ready, adorably iced sugar cookies, which are nearly too cute to eat, but their tender chocolate chip cookies, towering slices of cake, and exciting new menu items are equally delectable. 

The bakery’s sleek, modern interior is a welcome escape on one’s busiest days. If you are in the area and you’re feeling frazzled, the heady sweet air in Baked on 8th is calling your name.

Merridee's Breadbasket
110 4th Ave S | Franklin

Merridee Erickson, founder of Merridee’s Breadbasket in Franklin, TN, brings a nostalgic touch to her bakery, drawing inspiration from childhood baking on a family farm. With a menu featuring delicious comfort food like chicken pot pie and creative sandwiches, we love the homemade, fresh impact of their offerings. 

The self-service setup, though efficient, is suitable for takeout only. While wheelchair accessibility appears limited due to stairs, the staff should be commended for their warmth, hospitality, and swift service. 

The breakfast menu, highlighted by the irresistible stuffed French toast made with their own delectably pillowy bread, has made Merridee’s a consistently packed local favorite. In fact, the overall experience is so exceptional that one enthusiastic reviewer rates it "6 out of 5" and expresses a memorable desire to sleep in a bed made of Merridee's Breadbasket’s food. 

Whether you wish to grab a quick bite or order a box packed with perfectly delicious indulgences, this bakery stands out as a charming stop in the heart of Franklin, TN.

D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe
555 Church St | Nashville

This Nashville bakery has won hearts with its exceptional offerings, which are hailed by locals as the best in the USA. Their flagship item, the vanilla cream-filled donut, will convert even those who think they don’t enjoy filled donuts! If you’ve been searching for the quintessential rich pecan cinnamon roll that is never too heavy, D’Andrews is a must-visit if you are anywhere in Middle TN. 

We also love their coffees, breakfast sandwiches, house-made preserves, and their melted hot chocolate. Relax in their outdoor seating, chat with fellow patrons, and get ready to savor some of the best baked goods you’ve ever had.

Triple Crown Bakery
118 4th Ave N | Franklin

Triple Crown Bakery in Franklin, TN, is beloved for its charming and adorable small-town atmosphere nearly as much as for their confections! Triple Crown Bakery's excellence extends to providing delightful desserts for weddings, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, and macarons, all of which will earn high praise from guests. Recognized as a must-visit bakery in the Nashville area, Triple Crown Bakery has earned a following for its amazing croissants, cookies, and berry bars.

We also love the great coffee and tea selection, which pairs perfectly with their rotating daily selection of freshly made baked goods. Triple Crown offers quick and friendly service for to-go orders as well as for patrons who take advantage of their cozy indoor dining, porch, and front yard seating. Housed in a historic bungalow with a vintage tearoom vibe, the bakery's friendly staff and ability to accommodate special orders, including cakes, make it a destination worth the drive.

La Conchita
4239 Nolensville Pk | Nashville

La Conchita has earned the title "the best Mexican bakery in Nashville." The enticing aroma of freshly baked goods greets patrons in the parking lot, setting the stage for a delightful experience. We love the variety and freshness of their offerings, and we are consistently impressed by both the beauty and the authentic flavor of their cakes.

Thanks to their incredibly affordable prices, the bakery offers a chance to indulge in an array of phenomenal desserts and breads, each of which are uniquely delicious. Despite a slight language barrier, you, like us, may appreciate the opportunity to practice your Spanish.

For those seeking an authentic taste of Mexican sweet bread (pan dulce), this bakery stands out for its consistently soft and moist creations full of cherished flavors that evoke memories of home, family, and tradition. Bonus: La Conchita’s proximity to a tamale vendor adds an extra layer of authenticity and irresistibility to this local culinary gem.

Lili Bella's Cakes & Coffee
109 Shivel Dr | Hendersonville

Nestled in Hendersonville, this charming cake and coffee shop has become a comforting oasis for visitors. After running daily errands, patrons can find solace in Lili Bella’s delightful coffee and savory treats, perfectly baked bread, and cozy atmosphere. The experience sets a positive tone for the day, balancing the seemingly endless lines at the nearby post office. 

We love Lili Bella’s welcoming ambiance, because it is clearly more than a bakery—it’s a community gathering place. The owners deserve special mention for their kindness and ability to turn even challenging mornings into moments of warmth and connection. Of course, we must mention their signature cinnamon rolls, which have prompted many a patron to brave hour-long round trips to snag a few before they inevitably sell out.

Their gorgeous custom cakes will steal the show at your next event, and you should know that this is the bakery to call if you’re forced to make a last-minute order. 

Gluten-free foodies, Lili Bella loves you, too, so GF options are always on the menu.

Dozen Bakery
516 Hagan St #103 | Nashville

Dozen Bakery, situated in Central/South Nashville, is a gorgeous destination appreciated for both its beautiful interior and ample seating both inside and outdoors—and of course, their baked offerings! Renowned for its diverse array of freshly baked goods, including breads, sourdoughs, pastries, and pies—all crafted on-site—the bakery delights visitors with its friendly and eager-to-help staff.

We love their breakfast and brunch offerings, and must recommend the delectable, scrambled egg, bacon, tomato, and pesto sandwich served on fresh, crusty sourdough. Dozen Bakery's menu extends beyond breakfast, with fantastic pies, sandwiches, and creative, filling options.

Their bread receives and deserves special acclaim, beloved for its tender crumb and impressive crust. Vegetarian options are available despite the limited menu that showcases quality over quantity. Please note that the bakery can run out of items later in the day, so if there is a specific menu item on which your heart is set, arrive as early as you can.

As one of Nashville's favorite cafes, Dozen Bakery stands out for its exceptional coffee, which includes free refills on iced coffee—a rarity these days.

Overall, Dozen Bakery emerges as a must-stop location in Nashville, offering an absolutely amazing culinary experience, from sublime pastries to outstanding bread, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors to our region alike.

Sweet Biscuit Company
2654 N Mt Juliet Rd | Mt. Juliet

This charming breakfast shop captivates patrons with its lovely ambiance, characterized by tea cups on the wall, farmhouse decor, and gentle background music. The shop owner's warm greeting creates an instant connection, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere.

Menu highlights include the heavenly lemon meringue sweet biscuit, breakfast burritos, hashbrown casserole, and fluffy biscuits with gravy.

This gem of a breakfast spot, drawing visitors from California to the Carolinas, is not to be missed if you are within driving distance.

The Takeaway

Clearly one cannot go wrong with any of our top ten bakeries, so perhaps this year your resolution could include visiting each one on the list. As you visit, we would love to read your comments below, especially if they include your own impressions of your experience.

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