Dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend - but are they a small home or apartment’s best friend? It depends. Most small dogs can be too yappy for small or shared spaces, and most big dogs need more room physically. But that’s not to say there aren’t breeds out there that were born for small spaces - they do exist!

We’ve rounded up our favorite dog breeds for “small home” living. Cheers to dog lovers! (Or should we say “treats”, instead?)


It’s counterintuitive that the fastest dog would do well in a small space, but greyhounds actually like to lounge most of their day, especially once they get their energy out which looks like a good walk or a trip to a dog park. They are also gentle and quiet by nature, so no neighbor distress here! 

French Bulldog

Frenchies are cute, sweet, and have a streak of silliness in them that owners always say give their lives some humor. Frenchies don’t need more than their daily walk, and other than that would much rather curl up next to you than anything else! 

Bichon Frise

Bichons usually weigh around 12-15 pounds and tout the glorious category of being hypoallergenic. With being incredibly friendly (happy to meet new people and animals) and super receptive to training, Bichons are able to thrive in an environment that other dogs may find more restricting or stressful.


Similar to Bichons, Havanese are hypoallergenic and seem like they were born for affection and cuddles. They typically weigh between 7 - 12 pounds and are happy, outgoing and open to other kids and pets! One thing to note though is that although almost no shedding, their longer coats require some brushing and grooming as to not get matted.

King Charles Cavaliers

While they do need a little exercise - they are total couch cuddlers and would be happy to be exactly where you are - no matter how big or small of a space! They typically weigh between 13 - 18 pounds and do require some grooming on their long coats.

Mini Poodle

Poodles are notoriously smart, meaning they are easy to train well with specific small space needs. With being smaller, they also need less space to be happy, and a little less exercise (although they still need their walk!). Keep in mind that they are also a breed that needs to be regularly groomed to keep from matting.

English Bulldog

If you’re looking for a dog that would rather be on the couch than at a dog park and really doesn’t expect too long of walks or need too much space, an English bulldog may be your new best friend. Even though they’re a little larger - size doesn’t measure up to energy in this instance!


With very low shedding, fairly low exercise needs, and a big heart and sense of humor, pugs have recently gotten a cult following - and small homeowners are right there in the mix! Just be sure you’re ready for quality time because pugs are devastated without enough attention.


It makes sense that the world’s smallest dog breed would fare well in small spaces! Chihuahuas are another breed that would much rather curl up on the couch than be running around outside. While they do have small bladders, they can be trained to use a square of grass or a pad as their bathroom making it easier for those that don’t have easy outside access!

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