In the US, 60% of people say they play video games at least once per day, and 70% of gamers are over the age of 18. The average gamer is now 34 years old, meaning that millennial homeowners are statistically very likely to be invested in gaming on at least one of the popular platforms. Today’s blog post is all about creating the ultimate gaming room here in Middle TN!

Spring for High-Speed Internet

While 5 Mbps may be sufficient when you’re streaming HD content online, it’s the bare minimum for online gaming. We recommend that avid online gamers (especially those who share their internet connection with other family members who game or stream content at the same time) invest in the best internet speeds available.

Pro Tip: Make sure the internet speed being advertised is available all the way into your home. For example, fiber-optic internet sounds great, but if the connection switches back to copper before it reaches your home, you won’t benefit from those lightning-fast speeds.

Invest in a Great Gaming Chair

Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, you’re going to be spending long hours in your gaming chair. Choose based on ergonomic benefits first, then consider the level of cushion you desire, and finally decide on the aesthetic you like best.

If you begin and end your search based on aesthetics, your long-term musculoskeletal health will be impacted. We would argue that no level of visual impact is worth the discomfort.

Pro Tip: Most gaming chairs can be enhanced with a cover. If you can score a deal on the chair you’ve chosen in a color scheme you find uninspiring, a chair cover can bridge this aesthetic gap.

Choose a Desk

Console gamers likely won’t want or need a desk for gaming purposes. PC gamers, however, definitely need to choose the perfect desk for your preferred gaming style. Your desk will be the central component of your gaming room and will likely pay for itself rapidly based on a cost-per-use analysis.

Common gaming desk styles include:

  • Corner
  • Adjustable height
  • Multiple levels
  • Curved
  • Floating

For gaming rooms with a smaller footprint, we recommend floating, or wall-mounted, desks. This style works well with additional wall-mounted shelving, giving you the option to keep nearly all of your storage off of your (limited) floor space.

When it comes to larger gaming rooms, we suggest choosing either a corner or curved desk. Either way, you’ll want plenty of space for your monitors, PC, gaming mouse, keyboard, and any controllers you use. A large desk is also a prime spot to display some of your favorite gaming décor!

Pro Tip: If your gaming room is truly palatial, why not establish a tabletop gaming area as well? With your board games, tabletop RPG collection, and comfy chairs, you’ll have a sweet setup for relaxing weekend gaming sessions (or family game night).

Size Up Storage Options

If you have physical copies of games, you’ll want to install shelving or drawers that will contain them and allow you to view their spines. Consider options that have slots designed specifically for the size(s) of the cases you plan to store.

True console gaming enthusiasts may have multiple consoles across several generations. Your gaming room is your chance to create a pint-sized museum of your personal history with your consoles. Consider adding storage that will display your favorite consoles, controllers, and memorabilia from your years with that system.

Pro Tip: Oftentimes, consoles are gifted to us for holidays and birthdays. If you have photos of you unwrapping or holding up your console for the camera, frame them and hang nearby your console display area for a whimsical nod to some of your core childhood memories.

Select a Sound System

There are two types of gamers: headphone gamers, and sound system gamers. If you fall into the latter group, a high-quality sound system is a must for your ultimate gaming room. You already know your television, laptop, and petite Bluetooth speakers can’t deliver a premium gaming experience. You’ll be relying on your new system to provide intel about your in-game surroundings and to immerse you in the horror and fantasy worlds you can only access via gaming.

This spring, gamers on Reddit debated the speakers that deliver the best gaming experience at a reasonable price point. Read their discussion here!

It’s Time to Think About Themes

Once you have the dimensions of the furniture you’ll be installing, it’s time to choose a theme or aesthetic focus for your gaming room. Whether you have a favorite series of games, genre, specific character, or era of gaming, this is your opportunity to express the aspects of gaming you adore most.

Figurines, posters, paintings, light fixtures, and LEGO builds are all ideal décor items for your new space. Additionally, you may choose to have your room’s colors coordinate with your overall theme.

Light Up Your Space

Your gaming room should provide you with an immersive experience, and a proper lighting array can be an exciting and entertaining part of your plan. The type of light fixtures that provide a perfect ambiance elsewhere in your home can be a mess of glare and cause eye strain in your gaming space. Instead, consider the following options.

  • Strip lighting
  • Flat diffusion panels
  • Hanging theme lights

Smart fixtures will allow you to sync your room’s lighting with the action or lighting programming on your gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor, or sound system, which will create the ultimate immersive experience.

Pro Tip: All the lighting you install in your gaming room should be LED. These environmentally friendly diodes are long-lasting, affordable, and are available in color-changing styles.

The Takeaway

Your gaming room may take shape over time, or you may be able to do a grand setup over a few weekends. Either way, have fun with it. You’ll be gaming here for many years to come, so your feelings surrounding its inception are important. Happy gaming, everyone!

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