As you undertake the search for your new home, you will envision your lifestyle in the various homes you’ll tour. Are you a person who thrives on hosting guests, throwing parties, or being the destination for your family during the holidays? If so, you must craft a checklist for the must-have features in your ideal entertaining house.

A home that is ideal for entertaining is comfortable, spacious, and has ample areas for both sitting and standing to mingle. Let’s take a look at key elements of design, décor, and scale that will help you find your perfect new home.

A Sweet Guest Suite

Whether it’s meant to host family members or party-goers who unexpectedly find themselves in need of a place to crash, your guest suite is a key element to support your entertainment dreams.

The guest suite should include a full bathroom, of course. If possible, choose a home with a guest room located near your kitchen. This will allow your guests to have the option for independence without disturbing the rest of the household.

A Convenient Half Bathroom

A half bath on the main level will make all the difference for your guests during a party. No one wants guests wandering through the bedroom areas searching for the bathroom; instead, make sure your new home has a comfortable half-bath that’s easy to access.

Plenty of Space for Easy Flow of Traffic

Let’s face it: cramped, crowded spaces cannot also be welcoming for parties. Instead, look for wider walkways, a straightforward pathway throughout the entertainment spaces, and no areas where visitors are likely to experience a bottleneck.

A Wet Bar

Whether your new home features a built-in wet bar or simply has the perfect spot for you to place your own, a wet bar is the feature that will take your party from simply chic to fully luxe. Once stocked with premium spirits, liqueurs, and beautiful glassware, you will only need to add fresh fruits, herbs, and flavorings to have the perfect accompaniment to any adults-only event.

An Open Kitchen

Only you can decide if a fully open floor plan (throughout the entire home) supports your specific entertainment plans. However, an open kitchen with a full bar counter or large island is something about which most entertainment-minded homeowners agree—and they love them.

By choosing a home with an open kitchen that connects to the main great room, you’ll ensure that you can mingle while you spend time working in the kitchen periodically. Furthermore, your guests are more likely to feel comfortable entering the kitchen to retrieve what they need without having to find you to ask for help.

Irrespective of how beautifully appointed your entertainment spaces may be, a substantial percentage of your guests will naturally congregate in or around your kitchen. An open kitchen design will welcome and facilitate this impulse, which will create a truly welcoming space for all.

A Large Yard for Outdoor Entertainment

Your entertainment plans likely include space for cookouts, a pool, a hot tub, an outdoor movie theater, a fire pit, or simply beautifully-lit seating areas. Whatever you have in mind, your back yard will ideally be spacious and level.

If this sounds like you, do let your realtor know that you are prioritizing an outdoor entertainment space in addition to the indoor features previously mentioned. Your realtor will have a keen eye for properties that lend themselves to just this purpose.

Flexibility and Adaptability of Your Space is Paramount

If you choose a home that has discrete rooms with rigid purposes and tight arrangements, you’ll find yourself struggling to create the spaces you need for various parties and family gatherings. Instead, search for a home that will give you flexibility to adapt rooms, hallways, walkways, and outdoor spaces in many ways.

For example, a removed den or finished basement will lend itself to becoming a recreation area for bored teenagers, a quiet room for parents of young children, or a space for watching movies and kicking back when partygoers want a change of scene. By swapping out furniture, you’ll be able to create ad-hoc zones on the fly.

Plentiful Parking

There are, of course, regions throughout Middle Tennessee where parking is essentially a non-issue. If, on the other hand, you are in the market for a home in a more populated community, search for:

  •    A property that has a long, wide driveway
  •    A property situated on a wide street on which homes are well spaced
  •    A property nestled further back in a quiet neighborhood

Try to avoid:

  •    Properties on busy corners
  •    Properties on tight streets without large garages
  •    Neighborhoods where homes are close together and lacking ample driveways

Parting Tips for Your New Home

Once you have purchased your lovely new home, the following quick tips will enhance your existing entertainment spaces.

Create Warmth Through Lighting

Warm, diffused lighting throughout your home will create a cozy, inviting atmosphere which most visitors will not actively notice. What they will notice is how comfortable and at ease they feel in your home—and they’ll be happy to return!

Choose Textiles for Soft Acoustics

There may be nothing more unpleasant at a party or event than clanging, echoing, non-stop noise. Avoid this common pitfall by choosing soft furniture, large rugs, and sumptuous drapes anywhere hard surfaces could create acoustic disaster zones.

Install an Extensive Indoor and Outdoor Sound System

Use music to generate continuity between your indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, or signify distinct zones through use of different playlists. Either way, music will breathe life into a party of any size, on any occasion.

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