While we no longer depend on a fireplace for heat and therefore don’t need to do a post-winter deep clean for soot and dust, the idea of spring cleaning is still alive and well. While not needed for fireplace grime, a good spring cleaning and maintenance session are not only good for the soul but one of the smartest thing to do for the longevity of your home.
By spending a little time and effort now, you’ll save huge expenses and potential disasters down the road. A little bonus? You get the best version of your home to enjoy over the summer.
Below is a list of recommended yearly spring maintenance:

Inside the Home

While cleaning out the lint filter becomes an easy habit for most, what about that pesky lint that escapes the filter? Over time lint can build up in the dryer vent, causing slower drying times and potential fire if not taken care of. Saving energy plus a potential fire? Worth it.


Checking your home’s light bulbs is a small, but often overlooked task. Check each light bulb to ensure the lightbulb is the correct wattage for the fixture, replaces burned out bulbs, and think about converting to LED for reduced energy and heat.

Smoke Detectors 
Ideally, smoke detectors should be checked monthly, but take the time during your spring cleaning and maintenance to check and/or replace the batteries and smoke detectors themselves. Remember that there should be at least one smoke detector on each floor with an additional one in each bedroom and hallway.  A quick check is all it takes for serious prevention.

Screen doors and windows
Opening windows and letting the fresh air in is such an amazing warmer weather perk … but not when critters are able to find their way in. Clean and patch (screen repair kits can be bought at hardware stores) each window and door screen, so that you can take advantage of those slightly cooler breezy nights!


AC Tuneup 
Most people only think to call someone out to look at their AC unit when it’s broken, but if you’re calling when it’s broken, it’s too late. Small, routine tune-ups before AC season can not only save energy and money now but huge expenses (and the unpleasantness of no AC) down the line.


Check window and door seals 
Winter weather can cause caulk to harden and crack. Keep the cool air in, and tiny critters out by filling in any cracks or gaps along window and door seals.


Reseal Exterior Woodwork 
Wooden decks, patios, and porch swings will last much longer if sealed every year or two. Plus, why not have that back deck looking its best during the months you’re actually using it?


The point of gutters is to get water off and away from your house as soon as possible. When leaves and other debris over the past year have built up, gutters don’t work properly. When the water is prevented from going out the downspout it collects around the house and causes wood to rot. Not worth going down that route. Clear those gutters!


Roof inspection  
Use a zoomed in picture, binoculars or (carefully), a ladder to inspect your roof for any shingles out of place, water pooling, or just plain damage. A small repair now will be worth the time and money.

Check for dead or rotting trees, and remove. (It’s usually worth hiring a service for your safety.) Dead trees may look steady now, but they won’t act that way when those powerful summer storms blow through.


Check for Cracks 
Check for cracks in your driveway, and any other paved paths around your house. Asphalt can be patched and concrete (depending on the size of the space) can also be repaired. Safe, even, walking surfaces and prevention of longer, deeper cracks is important.


Exterior Paint 
Your house’s exterior paint job may feel like it’s all for looks, but just as important – it’s your house’s protective barrier to the elements. Be sure to re-paint any cracked or peeling paint you notice.


Prevent Mosquitoes
No one wants summer fun ruined by mosquitoes! As they are much easier to prevent than to get rid of, be sure to check for and eliminate any standing water on your property.
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