Keeping Your Home Clean & Pet Friendly

Posted by Marketing on Friday, September 8th, 2023 at 11:00am.

In the United States, two-thirds of households own at least one pet, which means you are likely the caretaker of one yourself. If so, you are going to find today’s article on keeping your home clean and pet-friendly quite helpful!

While we all adore our pets and appreciate the humor, happiness, and companionship they freely offer, there’s no denying that they complicate our lives with respect to keeping a tidy home. If your pet sheds, tracks in mud, tears up toys, or knocks your fresh mug of coffee off the table, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with the messes our darling little monsters make daily.

However, once you have implemented a routine that covers all your basis without wearing you out, you’ll find it far simpler to keep your home visitor-ready at a moment’s notice. Consistency, discipline, and extra effort will still be key, but we hope you’ll be encouraged by reading that the hardest part will be forming the habits required.

But first, a word of advice.

Choose Pet-Proof Furniture and Flooring

Whenever possible, you can make your own life easier by installing pet-proof flooring and choosing pet-proof furniture. It’s no secret that carpet, plush couches, and delicate window coverings are a pet owner’s nightmare. Fabric grabs onto pet hair, and dander adheres to any soft surface.

While it’s impossible to eliminate items like your own bedding, you can opt for washable area rugs, waterproof couches, and throw pillows that are likewise simple to clean.

Cat owners, we have one very frightening word for you: wicker! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; avoid anything that your pet can damage, and your home will be more harmonious as a result.

Create a Consistent Routine

As in so many areas of our lives, a repeating schedule is necessary for anyone who wants to keep on top of their housekeeping responsibilities. Because you have a pet, you will have to customize your scheduled tasks around the type of mess they introduce.

Dog-owning families will want to brush or comb out your dog’s coat daily to prevent excess shedding; sweep or vacuum pet hair daily; wipe down any surfaces your dog walks, licks, or drools on; wash food and water dishes; and scoop any waste left in the yard.

Weekly chores will include washing your dog’s bedding and toys, mopping hard floors, clipping your dog’s nails, and repairing any spots in your landscaping that your dog has been digging up.

Cat-owning families will likewise want to brush or comb their cat’s fur daily, sweep or vacuum daily, and wash food and water dishes. Additionally, it is essential that you scoop litter boxes daily because it is nearly impossible to keep your home smelling fresh otherwise. Even when we cat owners have become used to the unfortunate odors a litter box introduces, visitors will notice a used box instantly, and they will assuredly find the experience unpleasant.

Weekly kitty chores include removing excess hair from the cat tree, nail trimming, mopping, and checking your furniture, curtains or blinds, and baseboards for damage.

Stay On Top of Grooming

Whether you groom your pet yourself or take them to a grooming salon, it’s essential that you stay on top of grooming. Most of the pet-related odors, excess fur, and damage from our pets’ nails comes from not giving them frequent baths, brushing, and nail trims. Additionally, brushing your pet’s teeth regularly will ensure that their favorite toys will smell far more pleasant once they’ve finished a play session.

Choose the Proper Cleaning Essentials

Absolutely nothing eliminates any type of pet odor more effectively than an enzymatic cleaner. Once you’ve found one you like, we suggest keeping two bottles on hand at any given time. The more promptly you address any accidents or messes, the better your results will be.

When it comes to busting pet hair buildup, you need a vacuum cleaner that has been created with this task in mind. Investing in a high-quality vacuum will make your life easier for years to come, so this is not the time to skimp.

For everyday maintenance of your furniture, your pet, and your clothing, a silicone brush with rounded bristles is a clear winner. Durable, gentle, and effective, this affordable tool will quickly become your go-to for any small fur battles.

Create a Pet-Focused “Mud Room”

In Middle Tennessee, our green landscapes are famous throughout the whole country, but we know the moisture required to keep things this verdant comes with some muddy paws more days than not. While you clearly won’t need a whole room to clean your pet’s paws, the concept of a mud room can help guide you as you create a cleaning station near any door through which your pet enters.

Keep a microfiber towel near the door to absorb moisture and wipe away mud. A thick, large, absorbent doormat will help dry their paws as well, and keep mud off the floor while they wait.

To make this task easier, use positive treat training to teach your pet to wait patiently while you tidy them up. While this whole process may feel daunting at first, you will absolutely love how much cleaner your floors will be throughout the day and indeed the whole week!

The Takeaway

A home with pets will almost always feel a bit more lived-in than its pet-free counterparts, but we know that the tradeoff is more than worth it. Still, by implementing the preceding advice alongside consistent fresh air and strict adherence to potty training from minute one, your home will still be a clean, appealing environment for you, your family, your pet, and anyone who has the pleasure of visiting your home. Happy homemaking!

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