Putting together last minute costumes doesn’t have to be scary.

Halloween is one of those classic moments as a parent, where at literally any point in the month leading up to the 31st, an “I need a costume” can be sprung on you with just minutes to spare. It’s as if kids think adults can create costumes out of thin air. As a parent, it’s our job to deliver. Gracefully? Not always. But prepared? You bet.

To help you through those inevitable last-minute Halloween party needs, here’s a list of cute and simple Halloween costumes we hope you’ll take comfort in while celebrating throughout the month!

Trader Joe’s Employee

It’s simple to be spot-on with this laugh-inducing Trader Joe’s Employee outfit consisting of just a Hawaiian shirt, khakis, and a Trader Joe’s bag! Favorite pumpkin products from Trader Joe’s? Optional. (Kitchn)


Creative, quirky and … mainly just paper and a neutral shirt and pants! Start with your tan/khaki top and bottom as the base. Now for the fun part, take a large sheet of brown butcher paper, or the rolls of paper used for bulletin boards, and crumple up. After crumpling and the paper has texture, start rolling from one corner. Once you have a sizeable roll, start shaping into a shell, taping and/or hot-gluing as you go. You may have to do this twice to create a large enough shell. Once finished, mount the curled paper shell on a piece of cardboard, then add ribbon so that it can be worn as a backpack. For the cherry on top (or antennas in this case!), add two crumpled, rolled, brown paper antennas to a headband and glue a yellow pom-pom on top of each antenna. Last step? Move sloooow and be the cutest snail in town! (Oh Happy Day)


Break out the temporary tattoos, beanie, fake glasses, and converse. What’s a cooler DIY costume than a “cool” person? The best part? Have a little thrift store fun in the making. See what your child can pick out for $5. (Oh Happy Day)

Rosie the Riveter

There’s something about teaching a little “girl power” that makes this simple denim shirt and red bandana duo that much sweeter.

When we say simple on this one, we mean SIMPLE. The classic Rosie the Riveter look is really known from the waist up, so enjoy the freedom that Rosie brings to wardrobe choices! Only a denim top in the closet? No problem? No “real” red bandana? Just cut off a strip of a red t-shirt! No excuses for this little feminist. (Brit & Co.)


The internet’s favorite smilies. Who doesn’t love a classic emoji? The best part? That poster board from the last dreaded book report – can be flipped over and re-used for this one!

To make, draw and cut out a cardboard or poster circle. (Finding something to trace makes this easiest!) Once cut out, use yellow paint or spray paint for the bold yellow background. For best results, do multiple coats! Now for the facial expressions: Choose a simple emoji and copy the features down with pencil on to your yellow circle and fill in with paint. To finish, cut two circles in the tap and tie a string between both holes so that it can be worn around the neck. Pro tip: Finish with a protective clear finish spray so that the paint doesn’t flake off during a long night of trick-or-treating! For the outfit under the emoji, wear red, white, or black to complement your emoji!
(Hello Wonderful)

A Masterpiece

Every kid has talent, so put that masterpiece to use and BE a masterpiece! This one is especially fun since to “make” this outfit, you are really just making a piece of art! (This is also perfect for kids who want to stay in their favorite jeans and t-shirt no matter the occasion! While this can be done in many ways, one way is to take a painted (have fun with it!) 16″ x 12′ canvas and then staple a piece of wide ribbon to the top two corners of the wood frame of the canvas. (Measure the ribbon ahead of time so that the canvas hangs starting at the upper chest). Enjoy walking around as a masterpiece! (Need a group idea? Create a traveling gallery of masterpieces!) (Martha Stewart)

Stick Figure

Can we get an amen for electrical tape? This is oh so cute, and deceivingly easy. All you need is a white outfit, a paper plate for the face, and a few strips of electrical tape! If you don’t have all white – the cheapest way to go is to buy white sweatpants and a sweatshirt (warm for trick-or-treating, too!). Look online for ideas on exactly how to place the tape, and a cute design for the face! Feeling really creative? Create a stick-dog with electrical tape on a white pillowcase for a candy collector!

Scuba Diver

Finally, those 2L bottles get a second life! How swimmingly creative. To create this look, first dress in all black. Then take two 2L bottles, wash, dry and spray paint your desired colors. Secure together with black and silver washi tape. Once the bottles are glued together, use hot glue to glue a rope to the top and bottom of each so that they can be worn as a backpack. Next, add your accessories. You can wear flippers, goggles, snorkeling goggles, etc. The world is your oyster with how far you can go with this one! (Delineate)


Quirky, colorful – and can be adapted to pretty much ANY craft supplies you have on hand. Who doesn’t love a rainbow? To be a rainbow, there is no one way to do it, but here are the components that make it so cute: 1. Have some sort of “sun” headband. An easy way to do this is to cut yellow felt triangles and hot glue upright on a headband. 2. The rainbow. This can be painted on cardboard, canvas, a shirt – whatever you have! 3. Add clouds. Hot glue an area of cotton balls together at the end of the rainbow. (Country Living)

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