Today’s homebuyers in the luxury market come with certain expectations … and with such huge purchases, we’re glad that’s the case. Styles, technologies and certain setups can make or break a sale, and knowing what the most popular current trends are for luxury home features are helpful to know. Below are some of the current, must-haves on luxury buyers’ lists.

Light Colors (Walls & Floors)

While more of a style than a feature, light and bright is the name of the game when it comes to the feel in a luxury home. Light-colored walls and even more so (because they can’t be easily painted over) are light-colored flooring, especially Oak hardwood floors. Light spaces make for a more open and airy ambiance while allowing pops of color when personalized with individual style and art.

Smart Technology

Now, a home embedded with technology for all home systems (we’re talking thermostat, security, fridge temp, music, etc.) is not only a bonus, but expected in luxury real estate. Buyers expect to be able to see everything that happens in their home in the palm of their hand. This not only makes the homeowner feel at ease about managing each system, but it also allows for highly customizable experiences.

In-Home Work & Work-Out Amenities 

Now, more than ever, homes are catering to those everyday amenities that you would normally find outside the home. Luxury properties are intentionally dedicating space to exercise and work-from-home areas. This is especially the case now that home workout equipment is making a comeback, and working from home is becoming commonplace. While historically to get true “luxury” of either of these amenities you would have to pay to go somewhere else, now, people are hoping to find that kind of luxury within their own home.

Spa Bathrooms

There’s nothing wrong with recreating that decadent feeling of a hotel or spa bathroom within your own home (and if we’re talking about luxury homes… then that’s preferred!). For current buyers, the more spa-like the bathrooms; the better. Bathrooms are currently far from utility and are seen as a place to truly unwind from the day and treat yourself well. Trending, are floor to ceiling windows with a nature view (private, of course), along with luxurious granite (or other stone) finishes, huge soaker tubs, heated floors, and decked out showers.

Dressing Closets

With luxury bedrooms and bathrooms, it only makes sense to have impressively sized and expertly designed closets to complement. Large, customizable closets allow for organization, display, and as a dressing room. Both men and women enjoy having separate sections for different categories of shoes, clothing, and accessories without feeling cramped. Bonus? Plenty of natural light and just-the-right-sized mirrors, as well.


Currently trending is a wonderful combination of sustainable features and locally (or at least fairly) sourced materials. Oftentimes, the craft and care of these features adds a luxurious element, that only high-end properties can support. (Think: locally sourced granite countertops). Luxury buyers are now asking where materials are from, what values the companies have, and why certain choices were made. Materials matter, and when it comes to sustainability, the more thought and effort put into it, the more appealing to the sustainable-minded buyer.


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