Luxury homes are … luxurious. But what about them makes them so? Aside from price point, and the usual beauty that comes with, luxury homes are usually on the forefront of amenities for the more traditional market. So whether you’re buying, selling or interested in luxury homes, or just wanted to see home trends are on the horizon, we’ve compiled a few of this year’s top luxury trends:

Embedded Technology

Smart home technologies, like Nest, have become more and more popular – but what about ALL systems being connected? Now, a home embedded with technology for all systems is not only a bonus, but is also expected in luxury real estate. Buyers expect to be able to see every home system, as well as security from their iPhones.

Wellness & Work Amenities

Luxury homes should be places that speak well to all aspects of living a luxury life, and now more than ever are homes catering to those amenities. Luxury properties are now dedicating more space and design to wellness and work-from-home areas (especially now that home workout equipment is making a comeback), and working remote is becoming commonplace. Another popular feature is the guest suite.

Bringing the Outside – In

Today, luxury buyers want to see the outside, in. With floor to ceiling windows, natural light being a driver of the layout, and each room having some connection to the outside – having a fluidity between nature and interior is now more important than ever.


An expectation of luxury properties is privacy. But not in a put-up-a-giant-fence, kind of way. Luxury buyers want subdued elements of privacy with either tasteful privacy landscape or a wall that looks as though it is just part of the home.

Bathrooms with a View

The more spa-like the bathrooms, the better. Bathrooms are currently far from utility and are seen as a place to truly unwind from the day and treat yourself well. Trending, are floor to ceiling windows with a nature view (private, of course), along with light and bright, luxurious granite (or other stone) finishes.


Currently trending is a wonderful combination of sustainable features and locally (or at least fair) sourced materials. Oftentimes, the craft and care of these features add a luxurious element, that only high-end properties can support. (Think: locally sourced granite countertops).

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