Spring is a glorious season in Middle Tennessee. The days are warm, the nights are cool, and gardening is at its peak. For many suburban homeowners with a green thumb, garden tool organization is a breeze: stash your stuff in your garage or massive garden shed, and you’re finished. But what about townhome residents, apartment dwellers, and those who share their home with roommates? Fear not, Tennesseans, we have you covered! 

Today, we’re sharing our top 12 tips for organizing and storing your garden tools—even if you don’t have a garage, shed, or large storage space. In fact, some of the following suggestions will work in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens! With the helpful tips below, you’ll no longer have to let your living situation keep you from realizing your gardening potential. 

1.) Standing Garden Tool Organizer

If your available space includes a covered deck or patio, a free-standing vertical garden tool organizer is an ideal option for rakes, brooms, and long-handled shovels and spades. The most important factor with this type of tool organization is choosing a location where your tools will be sufficiently protected from the elements.

2.) DIY Garden Tool Rack

This detailed tutorial has helped many a gardener craft a free-standing organizer that fits perfectly into even the most pint-sized storage spaces. If you’re having trouble finding the right stand for your needs, consider dedicating a Saturday to building one that is sure to fit the bill.

3.) Hanging Garden Tool Organizer

If you aren’t able to dedicate any floor or ground space to tool storage, consider a rack organizer that hangs from a fence or a wall (either outside or inside). Such racks are available for purchase, but it’s also possible to create your own from flexible sections of PVC pipe mounted to a board. Cut openings in the front of each section of pipe through which you can pop the handles of your tools, and you’re all set!

4.) Dedicate an Indoor Cupboard or Cabinet

If you’re an apartment or townhouse dweller who gardens indoors or on your balcony, you may quite literally have zero outdoor storage spaces to speak of. If this is your situation, examine your home’s interior. Are there any cupboards or cabinets you can requisition for the storage of small garden implements? 

Be sure to consider the cabinets under your sinks and basins as well as any compartments under hutches; when you think outside the box rather than only looking for the most obvious and conventional options, you may discover you have more room for storage than you initially thought! 

5.) Rethink that Awkward Closet

You know the one we mean. It may be the entry closet that’s too narrow for your liking, the guest room closet that rarely ever gets used, or the shallow bedroom closet you’ve replaced with a freestanding wardrobe; either way, maybe it’s perfect for your garden gear!

After a thorough inventory and examination of your tools, decide if shelves, wall racks, wall hooks, or a combination of all three will be best for what you’re looking to organize. What you don’t want to end up with is a gazillion garden gizmos heaped on the floor of your closet, making what was originally an awkward space into a straight up disaster area.

6.) Small Armoire, Vintage Trunk, or Dresser

Not all homes have interiors that are suited to having tools stored in plain sight. If you don’t have a closet that you can re-think, but do have space for a small vintage armoire, cedar chest, dresser, or set of drawers – one of these unassuming solutions can keep your garden tools tucked out of sight. Scour Facebook Marketplace or your favorite online yard sale site for the perfect trunk or chest that someone else simply can’t use anymore, and you’ve got your gardening corner set while repurposing at the same time. 

7.) Repurposed Mailbox Storage Station

An old mailbox (or an inexpensive new one) is a quick, easy, and cute way to have easy access to the smallest garden tools you use the most often. Most mailboxes can comfortably hold your: shears, hand trowel(s), and hand rakes pretty easily, and you can even keep your favorite gardening gloves in there, too!

8.) Repurposed Golf Bag

If you’re in search of an option that’s budget-friendly, stores well indoors, and is easily portable, consider snagging a golf bag at a yard sale, estate sale, or second-hand shop. Store your long-handled tools in your golf bag and enjoy your newly simplified gardening days.

9.) Rolling Cart

There are a number of rolling cart options that will work well to hold items that won’t fit comfortably into your golf bag. Store stacked pots, bags of soil, and hand-held tools on your cart, then trundle it outdoors when you’re ready to get digging.

10.) Storage Bench

A lovely wooden storage bench situated on a covered balcony, porch, or back patio may be just the ticket you need for all of your gardening materials. However, if your bench will be accessible by others, it’s in your best interest to install a sturdy lock to protect your tools.

11.) Outdoor Deck Storage Box

If you need a waterproof, highly sturdy alternative to a storage bench, outdoor deck storage boxes are an outstanding option. Available in a range of sizes, colors, materials, and from several well-known brands, you’ll definitely be able to find the ideal box for you. If you like, you can choose one that has tool storage slots included, and some come with a built-in bench seat. Be sure to keep a lock on your storage box, too.

12.) Five Gallon Bucket

Finally, if you have only the smallest of spaces available to you, snag a 5-gallon bucket from a hardware store. Not only is this option easy to carry, but it’s also waterproof, dust-proof, and will allow you to store your tools nearly anywhere—even on a closet shelf.

If you’re a gardener with a pint-sized storage situation, we’d love to hear about the approaches that have worked best for you. Additionally, if today’s article got your creative juices flowing, leave a comment below. We absolutely love hearing from our readers.

We at Parks Realty hope you have a happy spring full of blissful gardening days!

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