Just like potholes are filled in (we hope) and trees grow back their leaves, our homes need a little extra loving care to bounce back from the winter season. As the sun starts to shine a little more (thank goodness), and we prepare for spring, keep this checklist in mind when it comes to preparing your home for spring:

Roof Inspection

Use a zoomed in picture, binoculars or (very carefully), a ladder to inspect your roof for any shingles out of place, water pooling, or just plain damage. (Even a popped up nail means that there is now a place that water can get through). It’s better to do a quick check now and a small amount of maintenance if necessary, than deal with the potentially very expensive consequences later.

Reseal Exterior Woodwork

Wooden decks, patios and porch swings will last much longer if sealed every year or two. Plus, why not have that back deck looking its best during the months you’re actually using it?


The point of gutters is to get water off and away from your house as soon as possible. When leaves and other debris over the past year have built up, gutters can’t do their job properly and water is prevented from going out the downspout. This causes water to collect around the house and ends up rotting your home’s wood. Moral of the story? Clear those gutters!

Trim Overgrowth

Before leaves are back, and you can see individual branches, make sure that all branches are 5 to 7 feet away from your house so that they don’t add extra moisture to your roof and siding. (This also helps prevent critters for nesting in your attic). Tip: Clean off your landscape trimmers after each tree is cut so that you don’t spread any plant diseases. Also, try to keep your blades sharp for a cleaner cut that doesn’t tear bark.

Check Trees

Check for dead or rotting trees, and remove. (It’s usually worth hiring a service for your safety.) Dead trees may look steady now, but they won’t act that way when those powerful summer storms blow through.

Check for Cracks

Check for cracks on your driveway, and any other paved paths around your house. Asphalt can be patched and concrete (depending on the size of the space) can also be repaired. This allows for safe, even, walking surfaces and prevents longer, deeper cracks from forming in the future.

Exterior Paint

Your house’s exterior paint job may feel like it’s all for looks, but just as important – it’s your house’s protective barrier to the elements. Use a pressure washer (can be rented if you don’t have one) and pressure wash the side of your house. Then, re-paint and repair any cracked or peeling paint you notice.

Prevent Mosquitoes

No one wants summer fun ruined by mosquitoes! As they are much easier to prevent than to get rid of, be sure to check for and eliminate any standing water on your property.

Clear Foundation Vents

For homes with crawl spaces, foundation vents are what keeps air circulating to avoid mold growth, while also keeping critters out. The problem is, the vents turn into a magnet for all types of yard waste and don’t allow proper ventilation, while at the same time can give way to holes which let critters in. To prevent both, clear vents with a shop vac, and check for any holes or damages.

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