Things That Happen When You Become a Homeowner

Posted by Marketing on Friday, December 15th, 2023 at 11:00am.

It’s no secret that some of the most stressful parts of becoming a homeowner are securing a mortgage, locating your ideal property, placing a competitive offer, and navigating the intricacies of closing paperwork and processes. Of course, you have your agent to take care of you and your interests every step of the way! 

Once you have your keys in hand and the deed in your name, you may experience a whole new wave of thoughts and emotions—hopefully full of pride in your accomplishment and plans for your new home. You may also find yourself wondering: What happens now?

Here are some things to expect when you become a homeowner:

You Will Feel More Security and Freedom

Whether it happens as soon as you have the keys in hand, or a week later when you are unpacking your favorite books, you’ll have a moment of bliss when you look around and fully recognize this home as YOURS. From here on out, you’ll be paying yourself with your mortgage installments instead of paying someone else’s mortgage! 

Do you want to redo the bathroom floors? Go for it. Change up the landscaping? Head to the nearest garden center and get started. You can change anything you like about your home, adopt pets without petitioning a landlord, and host guests anytime you like.

In fact, the freedom home ownership brings is one of the main reasons Americans prioritize this goal. Enjoy it.

Your Priorities Will Change

Prior to your purchase of this property, your largest financial investment was likely your vehicle. Coming in second place may have been your technology (laptop, cell phone, etc.), or if you’re more into fashion, perhaps it was a designer bag or pair of shoes.

Now, your home will become your pride and joy. You will feel a thrill with every improvement, and even housekeeping tasks will be more fulfilling. The love and care you put into your home will be repaid both financially and emotionally in even greater measure.  

We’re not saying you won’t still crave the newest phone or the gorgeous bag you saw on TikTok, but we do predict that you’ll think about these purchases differently. If you have to choose between an unnecessary purchase and a moderate home upgrade, you’re going to find yourself spending on your home. A new kitchen sink with a top-of-the-line faucet will never have been more appealing than it is now.

You’ll Focus on Each Detail

Every fixture you replace, and every wall you paint is going to become a long series of deliberations. You’ll find yourself looking up more interior design images than you can properly process, and you’ll gather a pile of paint chips that is several inches thick. Next, you’ll dive into color theory like never before, and you’ll compare so many shades of white that it will be almost comical. 

These experiences are nearly universal for new homeowners, and as maddening as the decision-making process will feel at times, you will look back on the early days in your new space with great fondness for many years to come. 

Your DIY Repertoire Will Boom

YouTube, TikTok, HGTV, and Bob Vila’s website are going to be your most visited websites and soon you’ll have your master’s degree in DIY. You’ll learn to caulk, tile, perform minor plumbing, fix door hinges, and swap out light fixtures with ease. The more your confidence grows, the larger the projects you’ll be willing to tackle. If you have a partner as you make your way through DIY University, you’ll likely find that, though there will be bumps along the way, this experience will bring you closer together.

Your Thumbs Will Turn Green

You may not have thought of yourself as a plant person before, but something about having your own land to tend brings out the gardener that lies dormant within. You will begin planting flowers, weeding bi-weekly, edging every boundary of your lawn, and learning about which plants grow best at our latitude given the way the sun hits your yard. Embrace it!

You Will Get to Know Your Neighbors

As a renter, it can sometimes be tempting to avoid your neighbors, but once you have your own home, you will feel uniquely invested in your neighborhood. Consequently, you’ll probably find yourself saying hi to your neighbors, exchanging phone numbers, and we’ll lay odds that you’ll be added to the block’s group chat by the end of the first month. 

Because you’ll be a considerate neighbor, a meticulous homeowner, and a reliable presence, you will be a beloved neighbor before long. Keep lines of communication open, speak with clarity and kindness, and practice active listening, and you’ll have a community of friends around you that may last a lifetime.

The Takeaway

The tough part is navigating the purchase of your home, but the lifestyle that follows is exponentially better than you could otherwise experience. Living in Middle Tennessee is already a dream come true for those who move here, and becoming a homeowner is the ultimate way to enjoy your life here in the Volunteer State.

If you’re in the midst of looking for a home, please contact your agent. Their in-depth understanding of and connections within the neighborhoods you want to join cannot be matched elsewhere in Middle Tennessee. 

You have worked hard to make it to this part of your life. Don’t settle for mediocrity now! You deserve the best. You deserve to work with one of our agents. 

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