Buying, selling, looking to rent all comes with its major stressors … but there’s something about the actual act of moving that really brings about a whole new sense of unpleasant work to be had. If you think about it, there is literally nothing else in life that causes us to literally pack up everything we own and relocate where we live our life from. It’s a wild concept and one that is essentially a ton of work, no matter how you look at it.

The good news is, as hard as moving is, being organized and taking specific steps with planning will make the move a whole lot less stressful. Here are some of our favorite tips:


Put it in a Folder

The contracts, receipts, warranties, and forms of all types quickly add up. In a time where your items are literally splayed across dozens of boxes, it’s not worth risking not having that precious confirmation paper that the mover needs in the next 30 seconds! It’s not worth putting any added stress on yourself. To mitigate such stresses, start a (ideally physical, but digital will also do) folder the second your move becomes official. From that moment on make it a habit to immediately file away any important move-related paper for easy reach. On moving day (and the weeks leading up) you can have your folder on the counter for quick and easy access to anything you may need to confirm, hand in, or simply know where it is.


Declutter Ahead of Time

The “ahead of time” part of this is key. Most people love the idea of getting organized and purging unneeded things … after the move. But we all know how that goes .. before you know it, it’s moving day and you quickly realize the “organizing” will take place after the move. But the issue with that is that you just packed up, moved, and unpacked more than necessary - all to never go through it anyway! Instead, start as early as you possibly can meticulously going through each room one at a time to get rid of anything you can part with. Just imagine the time, space, effort, and clean slate at the new place for motivation!


Prepare Your New Place 

Once things are finalized, jump into action with everything you can at your new place before you move. At the very least, be sure things are in order for electricity, water, and wifi. You don’t want your moments in the new place to be without the most basic amenities. If you have the ability to (mainly for local moves) go over the night before and make sure the heat or AC is on. You want your place to be comfortable! In addition, again, if this is an option, it’s worth cleaning ahead of time. Once you have boxes filling each space it’s extremely difficult to get a good deep clean in … and who wants to move their stuff into a dirty kitchen or bathroom!


Moving “Tools”

Before the big day, have a box with moving day “tools”. Keep scissors, sharpies, tape, a notebook, measuring take, Clorox wipes - any and everything you think you may need as last-minute supplies in one kit. Of all the things to be running around looking for on moving day, you certainly don’t need to be stressing about a sharpie for that last-minute box change!


“Pack” for Yourself

With all the logistics and so many different moving pieces, it’s easy to forget that you, yourself will need your own essentials for the day and night ahead. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you and your family are packed as if you were going on a quick weekend trip somewhere. A change of clothes, medications, basic toiletries, and your wallet will give you peace of mind that you don’t have to dig into boxes on your first night when all you want to do is brush your teeth and get a big night’s sleep.


Don’t Forget the Kids! 

If you’re moving with kids - you know there’s going to be a little extra prep involved. However, one fun way to include kids (and keep them busy) is to give each kid a box to fill with their favorite things. They can decorate that box while movers are busy and keep the box with them all day. Have another box with cereal, drinks, and snacks so that there’s always easy to access snacks while everything else might be in flux! 


Prep Your Furry Ones 

Once things are all boxed up with the rest of the house, there’s no quick way to get the essentials out for your pets unless you plan for it. Be sure to have your pet’s everyday essentials packed separately so that they can be some of the last things to pack up, and first to take out (or carry with you in the car). Food and water bowls, medication, ID tags, health records, leash, and a carrier are all essentials. In the terrible (and unlikely) event that your furry one gets lost, experts advise to always have an up-to-date photo, as well.

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