Many Americans will put plenty of hours into beautifying their lawns and gardens. However, it’s not always easy to do so, and it’s certainly not always cheap. With that in mind, here are 12 tips that will help you save money while still making sure your yard looks its best all summer long, without breaking the bank:

1.) Stay on the lookout for weeds

Weeds are a problem for your lawn or garden simply because they consume nutrients your preferred plants also need, according to Wisebread. Consequently, you will need to be vigilant about what you planted and if anything growing on your lawn or in your garden shouldn’t be there. As long as you pull the weeds out roots and all, you should be safe from the issue, but if some are being particularly persistent, weed-killing chemicals are readily available at just about any hardware store.

2.) Edge what you can

Whether you’re doing it by hand, renting or even buying an edger (they often cost less than $100), having edging to really differentiate your garden from your lawn, pathways or other features is a great idea. This easy task makes your lawn simply look a bit cleaner, and leaving it untouched may lead to some plants growing where you don’t necessarily want them to be.

3.) Trim the stuff that’s overgrown

If you have big bushes in your yard that take up valuable square footage, trees with big, overhanging branches and other areas where plants are growing out of control, investing some time and energy to trim them back can be a great idea. This, too, gives your outdoor space a cleaner and more organized look and feel.

4.) Make a statement in separation

When you’re trying to make your lawn really impressive, doing some extra work – above and beyond simple edging – where it meets your driveway, gardens or other spots will help it pop out just a little bit more, according to Country Living. For instance, putting up a small wooden fence or line of rocks around the edges of your garden will both help the two spaces contrast and give you a better idea of what you have to edge next time.

5.) Add a water feature

Whether you put in a small concrete pond, birdbath or a fountain that runs from an attached hose, a water feature is an attractive addition to any garden. Furthermore, the fact that it will likely attract some animals could help make the space feel more active and alive, even in the winter. You can DIY most of these features, or buy a pre-made option without a big financial investment.

6.) Make a path

While most people know not to tread on gardens, having people walk all over your lawn isn’t good for it either. Reduce the damage visitors do by laying down a path of stone, wood planks or other material, which you can get from most big-box hardware retailers. This will not only protect your lawn, but it will also add another attractive, eye-catching feature at a low cost.

7.) Contrast in your garden

A great way to make your garden areas more impressive is to plant flowers and other greenery that are of various colors and textures, according to Better Homes and Gardens. It’s great to have a garden bursting with colorful flowers, but contrasting them with some deep green bushes, small evergreens or other plants can get a little more variety in there as well.

8.) A space to enjoy it

What good is a garden if you’re only viewing it from afar or as you pass through? Putting in some seating, such as a simple metal bench or wooden chairs and a table, can help make a garden a bit homier and also give you a space to sit and relax surrounded by your own little backyard version of the great outdoors. Putting that seating in the shade will give you a great place to read in the summer.

9.) Bring in containers where it makes sense

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily have the space to plan an entirely new flower bed or other feature, but you do have an area you want to beautify a bit. In these cases, you might be wise to consider a large potted plant or another type of container that will allow you to add something new without requiring a lot of digging or other work.

10.) Put in plants and other features around every tree

When your yard has trees in it – whether they’re towering or merely saplings – it’s a good idea to make sure they have some company, so to speak, according to Reader’s Digest. Planting some flowers around the tree bed or installing features like a birdbath or some rocks can help the whole area stand out as being just a bit more attractive.

11.) Don’t mow too low

When it comes to your lawn’s health overall, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is mowing too low to the ground. It may look great to have a nice short cut, but it’s not recommended because it hurts the lawn in multiple ways. First, short grass is more likely to dry out or be scorched in the hot summer sun. Second, it’s worse at retaining water as a general rule. Third, it often pulls up grass altogether and makes the lawn more susceptible to erosion when it rains, leading to patchy spots.

12.) Plan carefully when adding new features

If you’ve mastered care for other parts of your yard and you want to add a new flower bed or other feature, it’s wise to approach the job with caution. Take some time to plan out the whole area, staking it off to see how it might look before you start tearing up grass or putting down mulch.

One of the best ways to beautify your backyard or increase your curb appeal (which, for hopeful sellers, is critical to boosting their real estate sales opportunities) is to look online for some inspiration. A quick search may turn up plenty of options that will help you make your home a more satisfying place to live.

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