As the nation works together to face the threat of Covid-19, it’s become clear that, in many urban and suburban regions alike, staying home is the best defense. If you are one of the millions of US citizens currently under “stay at home” orders, everyone at Parks thanks you for doing your best to remain home.

If you’re like our upbeat team members here at Parks, you’re battling boredom and loneliness during these months of isolation. To help, we're sharing 5 ways to stay busy at home! Once you’ve prepared every meal in your favorite recipe book, scrubbed your home until it gleams, and organized the garage three times over, it’s time to work your way through our favorite fun, time-consuming activities.

1.) Upskill with the help of colleagues, friends, and family members.

There’s a saying that goes, “Everyone you meet has something to teach you.” Now, re-imagine everyone you’re close to, or work closely with, as both a potential mentor and student of yours, and your phone or laptop as a digital classroom! Slack, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger’s video chat, and Zoom are examples of free services that can connect you to virtually anyone in the world.

To tap into this wealth of knowledge, reach out to anyone you’ve already spoken with who has mentioned feeling trapped, bored, or lonely. Offer to teach or enhance their knowledge of a skill you have and request a lesson in turn. Whether you choose to enhance your job skills for your return to work, expand on a favorite hobby, or learn something entirely new, we guarantee that a skills exchange will help pass the time at home.

2.) Rediscover an instrument.

Even for those of us who are not natural-born musicians, creating music can help soothe frazzled nerves and distract from endless hours with not much going on. If you have an instrument at home, perhaps one you abandoned years ago, dust it off and try again. No one’s watching, and who knows? You may discover a hobby you can pursue for years to come.

3.) Tour museums and national parks online.

While most travel plans for the summer will be impacted by the spread of COVID-19, you can still “get out” and explore—without ever leaving the house! Many museums and national parks have created virtual tours, and they offer a feeling of escape and adventure for anyone with access to the internet.

For extra fun, create a scavenger hunt for teams of your friends or family members. Locate exhibits and artwork on museum tours, or landmarks and vistas on national park tours, and take a screenshot as proof of your achievement. Don’t forget to set up prizes for the winner!

4.) Stay fit—or get there.

With mounting evidence that physical fitness is helpful in fighting off COVID-19, there’s no better time to give extra attention to your fitness regimen. If you’re already fit, don’t let yourself become complacent. The gym may be closed, but with fitness bands, a floor mat, and a YouTube workout routine, you can remain in peak shape.

If this is the first time in a while that you’re going to focus on fitness, be sure to talk to your doctor about exercise routine recommendations. Pursuing wellness shouldn’t be painful - and getting fit is no exception.

5.) Get gaming.

While parents forty years ago were wringing their hands over the potential negative effects of video games, we now know that, when pursued in moderation, video games are actually great for the brain, and there’s never been a better time to discover them for yourself.

You are no doubt familiar with the video game options available on your phone, but your laptop or computer is also a great way to game for free. Play on your own, as part of an anonymous group, or create a team of your friends and family members. 

Of course, every console gaming system has loyal fans, but they are expensive, and purchasing additional games can be quite pricey. Unless you decide to make gaming your main hobby, such investments may not make sense, so we do recommend starting out this hobby with free games.

We know this has been a long wait for many of you, and it can feel discouraging as time continues to march on while we remain in place. However, we at Parks Realty believe it won’t be long before we are once again able to guide you through the best available homes in Middle Tennessee. We look forward to congratulating our clients on successful transactions. 

In the meantime, continue to offer your friends and loved ones extra grace, and remember that we are all in this fight together.

How have you been staying busy at home so far? Do you have any suggestions for the community? Be sure to comment below, and as always, thank you for visiting us here at Parks.

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