Halloween is just around the corner, and—luckily for all of the locals who love the spooky, scary, and macabre—our beautiful region is packed with horror-filled haunted houses. Today, we’re sharing the Top Ten Best Haunted Houses in Middle Tennessee! We’ve got everything from family-friendly spooktaculars to “sign a waiver first” extreme horror houses, and even one destination that is said to be truly haunted.

Are you ready to sign up for some heart-pounding, spine-tingling fun? Let’s dive right in. 

Beast House
Nashville, TN

The Beast House is the only haunted house on our list that’s said to be actually haunted. It is set in the Isaac Kechem Mansion, where the massive Victorian mansion’s original owner brutally murdered his entire extended family before dying by suicide himself in the barn in 1897. For this reason, The Beast House warns that all visitors are entering at their own risk.

In addition to The Beast House horror experience, visitors 18+ are dared to make their way through the Beast Challenge. In order to complete the terrifying Money-Back Haunted House®, brave souls must sign a waiver and complete three rounds of tasks: Eat Something, Drink Something, or Do Something.

If you’re in search of another adrenaline rush, head over to The Beast Jump! This free-fall from the top of the mansion is open to visitors ages 12 and up, though minors must have a parental waiver signed on-site to participate.

Raven's Hollow
Mt. Juliet, TN

Raven’s Hollow has moved to a new location at Circle P Ranch, which has provided plenty of room for their desire to expand their haunted house. After dark, visitors will experience phantoms, ghosts, the undead, and monsters alongside the classic pumpkin patch and corn maze. Wander the ¼-mile haunted forest trail to come face-to-face with witches, skeletons, ghouls, and animatronic spooks. 

This family-friendly haunted house is a gentle introduction to the splendors of the spooky side, so it does not feature gore, scenes of torture and violence, or strobe lights.  

Because the trail walk winds through the woods, it is not wheelchair accessible and is not suitable for visitors who have mobility or balance limitations. However, it is considered generally suitable for children. Those who are too young to walk may be carried throughout. Family-appropriate costumes are welcome and encouraged! Be wary of eye masks that hinder visibility; safety comes first.

Devil’s Dungeon/Haunted Hell
Nashville, TN/Antioch, TN

Slashville haunts brings Middle Tennessee two famous horror houses each year: Devil’s Dungeon and Haunted Hell.

Devil’s Dungeon is located in Downtown Nashville and is one of the most intensely horrifying haunted houses in the city. Find your way through the darkened corridors that wind throughout the 20,000 square-foot experience packed with hordes of undead, slashers, gruesome clowns, tortured souls, and deformed demons of all kinds.

Haunted Hell is located in Antioch, TN, and takes place in a historic plantation home. Try to escape the horror house’s gruesome and terrifying haunts, then follow the creek bed back to safety.

Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods
Spring Hill, TN

Creepy Hollow is a fun, startle-packed haunted house that won’t expose young visitors to gore or scenes of torture. Instead, this highly interactive spook-fest features hayrides, storytelling, bonfires, piles of delicious foods, and an option to wander the haunted woods—but be prepared to get “the yell scared out of you!”

Nashville Nightmare
Madison, TN

Nashville Nightmare is the biggest, most extensive indoor haunted experience in the state. Choose from no less than 4 haunted houses, each packed with horrifying scenes, special effects, animations, and actors so scary, you might forget it’s not real.

The 4 Haunted Houses are:

Dead In the Water

The angry spirits of riverboat passengers of bygone eras lurk in this sunken steamboat. Wander into the sunken ruins to learn the spine-tingling origin story of the Legends of the Deep, but don’t get dragged to your doom!

Nuke Town

This abandoned mid-century nuclear testing facility is the epicenter of unsettling events. Why would a landscape of empty buildings be awash with shadows slinking through the darkness? Unlucky souls searching for shelter from the cold have found refuge—but the remains of the nuclear tests have caused them to undergo horrifying mutations, leaving them ravenous for the flesh of all those foolish enough to enter. 

The Forsaken

The Queen of the Damned rules this prison, which is why her doomsday squad of insane, infamous prisoners are free to roam and indulge their bloodlust. Doomed to remain within the prison walls, the doomsday squad unleashes their rage on those who enter. Chart a chaotic path through smoldering ruins, the machine shop, laundry room, and the prison’s industrial halls.

Horror High

We know what happened at Horror High last summer—and it’s a tale of evil. Uncover the truth behind the rumors surrounding the disappearance of the cheer squad captain, Roxanne. Was she kidnapped and murdered? Witness the cheer queen’s return and do what you can to escape the wrath of her and her demonic horde.

While you’re here, you can also play Mini Escape Games, visit Operation Laughing Place, have a drink at Bar Nightmare, and take axe throwing lessons.

Bloody Acres Haunted Woods
Gallatin, TN

In the woods of Gallatin, you’re invited to muster your bravery, don your hiking clothes and mud-ready shoes, and brave 50 full acres of horror-packed haunts! Wooded trails wind throughout 17 acres and take visitors to 23 scare zones. While this experience is family-friendly, it is gory and scary. Children who are prepared for classic horror scenes and experiences will have fun, while those who aren’t may be quite frightened!

Due to the wild location, call 615-974-8589 to find out if the spooks are hiding from the rain. There are no credit card readers deep in the woods, so bring cash for admission.

Hermitage, TN

Slaughterhouse is celebrating 35 years of haunting Nashville! This year, explore Slaughterhouse’s new home within the old Courtyard Cinema. Take a self-guided haunting tour through 5 of the once-abandoned theaters, and enjoy classic movies at the Full Moon Cineplex. Package options range from the standalone tour, movie and the tour, or a deluxe option that includes dinner, movie, and the haunting tour.

Millers Thrillers
Columbia, TN 

This destination is more than just a haunted house! Millers Thrillers offers a walk through the haunted woods, a zombie paintball hayride, and a feature-packed entertainment zone. 

The haunted woods hold a terrifying, hour-long trek through groves of twisted oak trees, including a stretch of an old mining trail that disappears into the dark. Are you brave enough to venture into the murky, haunted swamps?

The zombie paintball ride gives you the opportunity to pelt hordes of zombies with paintballs to protect yourself and your loved ones. Aim carefully—they're coming for you!

Dead Land Scream Park
Lebanon, TN

Dead Land Scream Park offers 3 attractions within the depths of the haunted woods, including an all-new CarnEVIL attraction!

The Portal

Will you step through The Portal and face down history's most infamous and terrifying serial killers? Be warned, many have been slaughtered. Can you escape?

The Crypt

Venturing into the crypt will make your spine prickle but making it out alive past the vampires who prowl within is the real test! You’ll scream, you’ll scurry, you’ll crawl—if you’re to escape at all.


This brand-new attraction is a mystery that will unfold to the public as spooky season approaches. Check Dead Land’s website frequently for tantalizing updates.

When you’re ready to retreat from the terrors within the woods, return to the campfire. Concessions and souvenirs are available.

Rigor Mortis Haunted House
McMinnville, TN

Rigor Mortis is two haunted houses in one, each with its own horrifying tale to tell. While this spooky destination is designed to frighten and startle visitors, it is intended to be family-friendly and fun. Satanic imagery and themes are not featured.

The Summoning

If you’re brave enough to descend into the underworld beneath the McMinnville Mortuary, you may uncover the truth about the tragedy that happened here. What is the curse of the candleman? Is it connected to the floods beneath the Mortuary? To find out, you must summon him and face his occult family, then escape with your life.


In the early 1950s, when illusionists were still performing across the nation, a new magician emerged with his own repertoire of brand-new, thrilling illusions. He called himself Ghalico the Great, and his illusions were so realistic that it baffled audiences everywhere.

One fateful Halloween night, Ghalico the Great performed at the McMinnville Theater. Sadly, something went horribly wrong.

Will you willingly face this evil illusionist within the charred walls of the theater? Beware the lost souls of his volunteers and assistants, or you may be his next victim.

The team at Parks wishes you a spooky, chill-filled Halloween season here in Middle Tennessee! We hope you make it out to some of these impressive, haunted houses. If you do, come back and report in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your thrilling time amidst the ghouls and ghosts—so be sure to watch your back and stay safe!

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