Major home renovations are often intended to benefit the homeowners directly. When it comes time to sell your home, however, the scale and intent of upgrades can be much different. The good news is, you don’t have to stretch your budget to the limit to create impactful changes. In this article, we’ll outline easy updates to quickly sell your home. Whether your home needs work on the interior or exterior, we’ve got the projects that will give you an excellent ROI.

Updates to Your Home’s Exterior

The impact of your home’s curb appeal cannot be overstated. Buyers will often judge your home before they have even stepped out of their car; updates to your home’s exterior may encourage buyers to approach the rest of your home with confidence and enthusiasm.

New Garage Door

If your home’s garage door is dented, scuffed, or just outdated, replacing it with a new model is a surefire way to give your home’s face a swift lift. You’re likely to recoup nearly every penny you spend, and you’ll enjoy using the door while you work on selling your house.

The average cost of uninstalling and disposing of a standard 2-car garage door and replacing it with a compatible, motorized door and heavy-duty tracks is under $5,000, and the affect it will have on potential buyers as the approach your home for the first time is priceless.

Tip: Buyers will be envisioning arriving home from work to your home. Pairing an attractive garage door with an impressively clean, updated garage will create the ideal impression.


According to a study conducted by House Method, 57% of people say that a homeowner’s unkempt landscaping would negatively impact their impression of an individual. Potential buyers are scrutinizing your home with an even more critical eye; clearly proper landscaping is a must when it’s time to list your home for sale.

The American Nursery and Landscape Association reports that the average homeowner invests about $3,500 on landscaping. Hiring a designer costs about $1,500.

Tip: If you have a green thumb and access to an excellent garden center, you may find that the basic (often complimentary) design services they offer will be all the professional advice you need.

If you need a new lawn in a hurry, skip grass seeds and opt for sod instead. Sod costs about $0.35/ square foot, but because the appeal of a lush, green lawn is often hardwired into the American vision of the perfect home, sod remains an excellent investment.

Remember to carefully manicure the plants and shrubs you already have. An overgrown, untended appearance will likely leave potential buyers worried that you’re equally unconcerned about your home’s more significant maintenance tasks.

For your own peace of mind, consider hiring a professional landscaper to tend to your yard while your home is listed for sale. That way, even if you are too busy to keep an eye on your yard, your bottom line won’t take a hit.

Tip: Avoid riotous colors but do layer harmonious or monochromatic hues around your home’s entrance to create a stately entrance.

Choose a Focal Point

Potential buyers are going to tour home after home in their search for the perfect property. By adding a central focal point like a stand-out walkway or water feature, you will not only add value to your home, but you will also help it stick out in the minds of buyers.

For example, “Honey, I loved that home with red door and wet-look slate pavers!” is clearly more distinctive than “Remember that beige house with the nice lawn and the new windows?”

Tip: Buyers want to envision the impression they would make on their social circle if they bought and moved into your home. Attractive landscaping paired with a bold exterior focal point can increase a home’s market value by nearly a full third!

Updates to Your Home’s Interior

Replace Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

This recommendation is so basic that it slips past more than a few sellers but having worn or grimy switch plates scattered throughout your home is sure to attract negative attention.

Replace worn, dingy, or outdated switch plates and outlet covers with attractive new plates that match your home’s overall style.

Tip: Avoid highly personalized choices; anything too distinctive or kitschy is sure to backfire.

Add Visible Storage

Lack of storage is a major deterrent when buyers are considering purchasing a home. By adding simple, visible storage, you can improve your home’s appearance and functionality.

Floating shelves in laundry areas, bathrooms, and kitchens can be the simplest, most cost-effective way to create instant storage. If time and your budget will allow, adding a beautiful standing wardrobe to an “office” or “den” space can even create an extra bedroom out of an otherwise awkward room.

Tip: Avoid dark or heavy colors in small spaces. Black floating shelves hanging overhead detract from an otherwise light and airy technique.

Update all Fixtures

Doorknobs, locks, faucets, and handles are a bit expensive when you need to replace them all at once, but the impact on potential buyers is undeniable. Paired with a fresh coat of paint and crisp flooring, all-new fixtures can create a like-new look that buyers can’t help but adore.

Tip: If all-new fixtures aren’t in your budget, consider painting the existing fixtures for a new, more cohesive feel. Here’s a great tutorial.

Before You Begin

Before you undertake any major updates, consult with your Parks Realty realtor. Ask if there are updates people in your area want to see, which choices they’re more likely to pay for, and which upgrades they don’t find helpful. 

For example, while beautiful landscaping and clean garages are universally appreciated, new sod might not be desired in an area where homeowners prefer drought-resistant landscaping. Your realtor has hands-on experience watching hundreds of buyers react to homes in real time; no data could be more useful in guiding your efforts.

You can also use this renovation cost calculator to see around how much you will be spending on the updates you decide will be most beneficial!


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