While winter is still here, homeowners who are considering selling should take this time to ensure their properties are ready to appeal to buyers.

While winter is still here, homeowners who are considering selling should take this time to ensure their properties are ready to appeal to buyers.  That effort requires plenty of prep work, but the good news is that a lot of these jobs are easy to complete.

One of the most difficult undertakings is getting used to the idea that the home will no longer be theirs, according to EXIT Realty Plus. More of an emotional task than a physical one, it’s nonetheless something many real estate professionals say is key to making the necessary preparations. Once that’s done, every other step becomes easier to complete.

Starting the physical labor
Ahead of a planned home sale, owners need to make sure their houses are depersonalized, meaning that all their personal touches and mementos are removed from areas visitors are most likely to view. This is an important step because, just as homeowners need to be able to picture themselves no longer living there, prospective buyers want to be able to picture themselves moving in.

As such, removing family photos, kids’ drawings on the fridge and other home-y items will be crucial in this effort. If a property that’s put up for sale feels too “lived in,” would-be buyers might be subconsciously less interested in making a bid.

When undertaking this step, it’s also wise to focus on decluttering and clearing out items that can build up in corners and closets. This should coincide with a larger effort to give a home a good top-to-bottom cleaning, especially in communal areas such as the kitchen or living room, where prospective buyers are likely to spend more time during open houses. This might also be a good time to find items to donate or sell after kids outgrow them, or families simply stop using them.

Applying the finishing touches
Fortunately, depersonalizing and decluttering a home are often the hardest parts of the job, but homeowners have other efforts to undertake, according to On The Market. For instance, if any rooms of a house are painted in bright or bold colors, repainting so that they’re a bit more muted and neutral is often recommended because buyers may not be able to picture a room in any other colors.

In addition, it’s usually a good idea for owners to make sure their front lawns and any garden areas are in good shape. A little work outdoors can help visitors feel welcome immediately.

Any seller’s agent will be able to recommend changes homeowners can make before selling, and with a few months before the official start of the busy real estate sales season, there’s still plenty of time to enact any of those changes with ease.

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