shabby chic
The home décor style known as ‘shabby chic’ has been embraced by homeowners and renters alike all around the world. Because of its focus on imperfection, shabby chic design appeals to those who prefer a home that feels and looks lived-in and comfortable rather than perfect and austere.
If you’re interested in incorporating the shabby chic design style into either your home’s interior, exterior (or both), you’ll want to try to find the right balance of rustic, weathered pieces combined with new décor items so that your home feels eclectic and welcoming.
Try adding some of the below listed components and elements to your existing home design to give your living space a simple, elegant shabby chic makeover:


  • Texture variety: By utilizing a number of different natural textures in pieces like lampshades, baskets, wall hangings, rugs, window coverings, throw pillows and more, you’ll help bring in a feeling of variety that is fundamentally shabby chic.

  • Mix and match colors: Another important element in shabby chic design is including several different color palettes in a single room. Think unmatched couch pillows and throws or a mismatched pastel set of plates and bowls in your kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that colors are always less important than textures and materials when it comes to shabby chic style. Shabby chic colors are typically muted, but you can include some vibrant pops of color as well.

  • Bring in the light: While much of shabby chic style involves mixing up colors, patterns and textures – you can also go with a light and bright shabby chic design. An all-white living room that incorporates a variety of different textures and a few soft touches of color can be extremely inviting.

  • Go vintage: The foundation of any shabby chic living space is reclaimed design elements that include distressed pieces that you can find at your local thrift shop or flea market. Although many shabby chic lovers have treated new furniture pieces with antique-looking finishes, authentically vintage items are even more desirable if you can find them.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) – A popular way to add the perfectly weathered item in any room is to create it yourself. By using old materials like vintage doors and milk crates to build a new shabby chic table or nightstand, you’ll get the perfect look at a low price.

  • Celebrate originals – If your home has wood flooring underneath carpeting, peel back that carpet and celebrate the natural state of your wooden floors. A distressed wood floor will give any room an instant shabby chic feel. If your wood floors are in great shape, consider painting them using a distressing technique to give them a ‘worn-in’ look.


When taking your home toward a shabby chic design, remember that you mustn’t go overboard. To decorate every room in your house with distressed or reclaimed items can look simply shabby without the chic. By pairing worn or antique elements with some pieces that look and feel new, your result will be cozy, comforting and welcoming to everyone who visits.
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