In Home Studios – Behind the Scenes

In Home Studios- Behind The Scenes

Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new house that has room for an in-home studio or you’re rehabbing an older home to include a personal recording studio, the concept may seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, once you learn which essentials you’ll need, you may actually find the process to be surprisingly easy.


Perhaps “easy” isn’t the right word; however, an in-home studio doesn’t have to be so complicated as to overwhelm you before you even make any headway. Starting with abasic recording studio is ideal for anyone who is just starting out.


Your budget will have a lot to do with the equipment you’re able to start off with. An important thing to remember is that recording equipment truly does have a ‘cheapness threshold,’ and anything that falls below that threshold simply isn’t even worth recording with. Serious recording artists, whether amateurs or with some experience, should wait to build an in-home studio until you can at the very least afford the following items:


  • At least one microphone – Naturally, your studio will probably grow to include many more mics in the future, especially if you plan to record groups or if you yourself are involved in a musical collaboration with several people. For starters, though, one quality microphone will usually suffice.


  • A set of headphones – Of course, another must-have for any recording studio is a decent set of headphones. You may only ever need one set if you do all of your recording on your own, but if you end up needing more later, you’ll have saved up more money by that point.


  • A computer – Purchasing the best and fastest computer appropriate for recording music will be quite expensive. If you have the means to afford a super-fast computer now, by all means, go for it. However, in general it is possible for most modern computers to handle the tasks required for recording studios. There may be some lag and glitches here and there, but if you can’t afford the ultimate recording computer, you can use your own personal computer as you get started.


  • Recording software – This is a must-have, because it will be the program that you use to mix and edit all of your recordings and sounds.


  • Recording hardware – Also referred to as the Audio Interface, your recording hardware is what you use to get all of your recording gear connected.


  • Speakers/Monitors – While the newbie may still refer to them as speakers, in the recording world they’re called monitors. They differ from traditional sound speakers by having a flatter sound that makes it easier to mix.


  • Quality wiring/cables – Without a doubt, you’re going to need to invest in a lot of high quality sound cables if you plan to use your recording studio seriously. As you start out, only buy the cables you absolutely must have (for now you’ll need some for your microphone and speakers/monitors) because they can be quite pricey.


To add to this list, you can also purchase a microphone stand, or let this wait until a bit later in your home studio journey. With everything listed above, you are set up to begin recording!
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