New year, New Home Projects! (That’s how the saying goes, right?) With a new year ahead and plenty of inspiration and motivation to get your home looking juuuust how you want it, we’ve gathered some of the top trends in interiors for you to get those design ideas flowing. (We wholeheartedly think that your home should be a product of exactly what YOU envision for your home, but as always, a little outside inspiration is always a nice little kick start).

Moody Kitchens

Gone are the days of whitewashed kitchens, with the white-est white being the state of perfection that everyone is striving for. In are the days of moody, dark colored kitchen cabinets. Lucky for parents and pet parents, these darker kitchens don’t show every speck of dirt and dust like the all-white did.

Searches for black and navy blue kitchens are up 93% in the past six months, and it doesn’t look like these timeless designs are going anywhere, anytime soon. Both “two color” kitchens, and brass accented kitchens are the favorites of the “moody” varietal.

Eco Friendly & Natural Materials

Since being good to the environment is thankfully “in” as well as beautiful natural materials, being eco-friendly is certainly a favorite trend this year. Interior designers are using everything from living walls, to repurposed wood and marble scraps to create a polished, yet “au naturel” look.

Thanks to this trend, spaces like the kitchen are becoming much less “laboratory” looking and more warm and inviting with wood, large windows open to the outdoors, and an overall greater focus on comfort.

Multifunctional Spaces

In a world going from maximalist to minimalist, designing multifunctional spaces fits in perfectly to the shifting mindset. (Also, between cutting down on chaos, simplifying, and having to fewer “things”, there are so many perks!)

Think about rooms that could be both the office and guest room, or a stylish ottoman that doubles as storage making for one less shelf needed. Multifunctional furniture pieces such as “murphy beds” are coming back with new designs.

Curvy Designs

The mid-century mixed with the 70’s, (often lush velvet) look of curved and scalloped sofas, sectionals, chairs and other pieces are marked by many designers as one of the biggest trends that we will see this year. (Check out the “Couches 101” of 2019 for endless couch inspo.) When furniture is curved, by nature, the furniture invites a welcoming vibe and open conversation to the room. The best part? Curvy furniture looks good anywhere in the room, so no straight walls need and you save a few inches of space.

Blushing Over Blush

Blush is the new neutral now. With it’s calming, warm undertones and retro vibe, blush not only goes with everything but brings a blank canvas for just about any color. Blush tones (and yes, there is a whole gradient of them), go well with just about any bold color. The warm undertones make the contrast between bold and blush a lighter, more playful.

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