We’ve all read tips on how to buy the mattress that is right for each of us – there’s even a mattress out now with an incline adjustment in case the person next to you is snoring! (Where has THAT been all my life, right?)


What you might not know is the importance of the atmosphere, the mattress, the linens, etc., when it comes to choosing the right mattress.  So I’ve found some tidbits that surprised me and I thought I’d share them.



This fascinates me (I don’t know why) . . . the most expensive mattress in the world!  It is made by a privately owned family company in Sweden – Hästens.


vividus_crossI think I like the blue checked material more than anything.  But of course at this price, you get to choose from a selection of fabrics and colors.

Once you place your custom order for your new mattress, its a six-month wait for delivery  (greatness cannot be rushed) and the mattress comes with a 25 year warranty.  Each mattress is built entirely by hand and takes approximately 140-160 hours to construct.

This custom sliver of nirvana will cost you about $65,000.  The closest store in America? Chicago.


Did you know that we use our beds more than any other piece of furniture in our homes?  It makes senseSERENO BED you’d want to put a little extra time, money and effort into making this into a comfy, cozy place!  We do spend one third of our lives sleeping.




What does an unmade bed say about you?  It says you’re healthier.  HA!  An unmade bed actually kills the dust mites that trigger allergies and asthma.  Making the bed in the morning seals in moisture that those little suckers need to survive.  You can go here to read the study.  I started reading about how many dust mites there typically are and what they do – it might be TMI…  I warned you!



Do sheets really make a difference in my quality of sleep?  YES!  But different things are important for different people.  Some people want to stay warm, for others, its about sweat wicking properties.  Some folks swear by percale or high thread count.  Some even think linen sheets are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  (By the way, Linoto makes a fantastic linen sheet.)  Its important to do some research and find your perfect sheet – it will be worth it and you will notice a difference.  I found a blog that has done an unbelievably exhaustive search to find the perfect set of sheets, I’ll include a link because I couldn’t be more thorough or attentive to detail than she is.  Nice Job, Melissa Tan @ The Sweet Home!



Want to sleep better and longer?  Paint your room blue.  Blue is a calming color – thought to slow the heart rate and even lower blood pressure.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.53.22 AM




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