Outdoor Features Luxury Buyers Want

Posted by Jenni Barnett on Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 5:01am.


A luxury home is way more than just the house itself… it’s the entire property, and especially that coveted backyard space. Now with outdoor living being more important than ever with buyers, that space between the house and property line truly packs a punch in today’s luxury home market. Here’s a rundown of the most sought after outdoor features for luxury buyers:

Outdoor Living

A true outdoor living space, with emphasis on the living part, is a beloved feature that truly brings the inside, out. Spaces that allow for all the comforts of a cozy living room, that flows perfectly from the inside of the home (typically off a main living space or kitchen) to the outdoors are a favorite. To keep the comfort level up, outdoor living spaces usually have ample shade and fans, great lighting, and cozy yet durable (for the elements) furniture choices.

A “Summer” Kitchen

Summer living and entertaining are just not at full potential without a complete outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens typically have a built-in gas grill, sinks, prep areas, a place for spices and cooking staples, a small fridge for food storage, plus a fridge tailored just for drinks. Along with the outdoor kitchen typically comes ample seating with stone flooring. 

According to a Zillow report, 25% of millennials are more likely to pay more for a home with an outdoor kitchen.

A “Decked” Out Pool

Pools are back. But this time around, they aren’t just your slightly-nicer-than-your-typical pools. Luxury homes seekers are looking for expansive pools with all the amenities surrounding. We’re talking about the types of pools that have adjoined hot tubs, critically placed waterfalls for visual interest (and that perfect zen sound) in a privately tucked away space. In addition, changing cabanas and plenty of shade are sought after additions that give way to all-day entertaining and maximizing the beautiful pool oasis.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers used to be less than luxurious, to say the least. But as with many outdoor luxury features, outdoor showers are making a comeback in the most high-end way possible. Now made with beautiful stone and other natural materials, these showers are more of a private spa experience than anything else. Often tucked away in pristinely hidden landscaping, the showers are more for the luxurious experience than being able to “see” it.

Living Walls & Green Roofs

Green roofs, green balconies, and living walls, are not only an aesthetic choice of dreams, but they also fit perfectly into the eco-chic trend that luxury homes are falling more and more in line with. Green roofs and living walls allow for an amazingly lush look and feel, while improving the quality of air and serving as cooling insulation for their coverage areas.

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